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Klaus is one of the most surprising and riveting indie experiences of the last couple years, in narrative and game design alike.

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dead_pixels1535d ago

Yeah, this is getting downloaded today.

derkasan1535d ago

Looks like an interesting indie game.

axesofevil1535d ago

This looks a lot like super meat boy. Too bad it's on ps4 only.

kraenk121535d ago

That's the power of the 'Indiestation' ;)

kraenk121535d ago

As a German this game has the most odd name ever. Klaus is one of the most ordinary and dumb sounding German surnames ever..,struggeling to find an English counterpart...maybe Dick?!

JMPetrequin1535d ago

John, maybe? And actually it's interesting to hear that, given the path of the game's story I would guess the name was chosen for that very reason.

kraenk121535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Klaus is very old fashioned. Like my parents generation (I'm 39). Not sure if John fits that.. On the other hand Klaus also sounds kinda basic, like from the countryside, so John could fit I guess.