Are CGI trailers still needed?

In Episode 11 of The Analog Circle Podcast we will be discussing the latest gaming news,share my thoughts on The Arkham Knight,and my reviews of Rise Of The Tomb raider and Transformers Devastation,and ask the question is it still viable for games to use CGI for a game trailer?

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xYLeinen1526d ago

A CGI trailer is like eating candy before dinner.

never4get1526d ago

Real-time Global Illumination, VXGI, VXAO, Baked Ray-Traced Lighting, Developer should start using these and there's no need for pre-rendered CGI trailer, Real-Time Trailer running on PS4. No more lossy compression trailer.

keys15791526d ago

Hahaha XYLeinen I really like your line of thought.

chrisx1526d ago

In this day and age, No they are so Not

1526d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.