Black Ops 3 Odd Facts: Roughly 50% of Players Haven't Reached Level 10

Here's an interesting factoid that will likely spark up rumors of Call of Duty's "imminent demise" among other things - only about 50% of players have reached level 10 in multiplayer, a seemingly low level that most gamers SHOULD be at nearly three months after launch.

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Relientk771534d ago

Wow that's a really high number. Would have been less shocking if it said Prestige or something

Shinuz1534d ago

Now I wonder how many of these peoples actually finished the story.

Alduin1534d ago

I bet that's a very low number all around. I've played every Call of Duty since the original Modern Warfare and I can honestly say I've only completed the campaign on BO1 and BO2.

I play Call of Duty (and most other FPS titles) for multiplayer... I play RPGs for story.

CerebralAssassin1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

I'm not saying cod has great storylines, but you can actually got a good story from something other than an RPG. I hope you branch out and experience games like last of us as an example.

BattleAxe1534d ago

@ Alduin

You mean that you didn't beat CoD4, World at War or MW2? These were the best games in the entire series. Call of Duty 4 was especially epic....the sniper level alone was absolutely amazing.

Immorals1534d ago

I've played through every campaign fully minus mw3 and ghost (which I refused to touch) and black ops 3 campaign was so bad I left unfinished. In fact I haven't touched the game in months,waste of money!

BattleAxe1534d ago

Black Ops 3 was a tough one to finish. It was a really weird game, and there isn't any part of the game that I would say is memorable. The multiplayer isn't bad though, but I really don't like the new zombie map they released with the game. It's a good thing they also released Der Riese, otherwise I probably wouldn't have bothered with zombies at all with this game.

Highlife1534d ago

The only campaign I finished was WAW. Think it had to do with the time period more interesting.

Master-H1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

I've finished all the cods' stories since mw1, but i found BO3's to be too boring from the first 2 missions. Haven't bothered with it since. I think it might have the worst campaign yet imo.

I do play a lot of BO3's mp tho. I think I have like 125+ hours logged in.

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Wallstreet371534d ago

Damn really? I see so many players i go up against on PS4 like level 5 prestige and above already lol That is shocking to me.

Alduin1534d ago

Yeah it is pretty surprising. Obviously there are still PLENTY of people that are far above level 10. I would assume that most of the players that played and didn't reach that milestone are ones that either exclusively play zombies or they got the game, didn't like it, and dumped it.

Utalkin2me1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Well obviously the people that didnt hit level 10 arnt playing anymore, hence why you see high levels.

Wallstreet371534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Yes, obviously. What i meant to convey is that is a high percentage and its amazing to me, as mp is very very active even after losing that high percentage of ppl that dont play it frequently to pass level 10.

Kreisen1534d ago

It seems whenever statistics are released to the public they indicate that most people will spend a few hours with a game then simply move on. Generally only about 10% of the playerbase keeps playing past the first week or so.

Alduin1534d ago

May be a bit higher than that, but the principle sounds right. Truly dedicated players are typically a minority for games like this or even MMOs, though. All these games start off with a strong playerbase of casuals then, a few weeks later, it dwindles down to the diehard fans.

esmittystud1011534d ago

I can say I've prestiged once and I'm to level 47 in multiplayer. But after playing CoD all these years, I just can't get into the multiplayer part as much anymore. I like it and all but I'm not into it if that makes any sence. Just by Activision keeping to there same old roots with there maps is the main reason why.

In one of there interviews they surprisingly admited to there "three route" layout of all there mp maps which basically means you have three ways you can take when you start a map, left side, middle part, right side. No in between areas you can take. Which really constricts your combat in alot of ways and I guess they love that and think we love that too, which we did seven years ago, but now..........its the same you die, I die really quickly. They think fast paced killing is all we want and we do, but in certain game modes and in others we don't.

So until they change the mp map layouts all together I just don't think I'm getting there next installment (Infinity Ward) or there next (Sledgehammer). The only reason I dropped for BO3 is because its Treyarch.

Now that I've bagged on the mp section enough its time to show where BO3 shines for me, zombies. I loved World At War, BO1, BO2 zombies and BO3 was no different. It is so deep in mystery its always fun to find something new in there maps. The perks are always fun and the addition of the gumballs are a huge plus. Shadows of Evil map is so deep, to this day I keep finding new little easter eggs every night. I'm not one to get every new detail on You Tube so finding these things on my own is great.

Example: I just got a new 7.1 surround headset and I thought I would try it out on Shadows of Evil. After the first ritual I heard a telephone ringing. I nevered noticed this before but I did add the headset so I'm guessing I just didn't hear it before. So I start frantically searching for the telephone at the magicians section of the map, upstairs where you do the ritual. Well, I found it, answered it and low and behold....someone was there. It basically was a voice that was leaving a message for the magician which was around 30 seconds long. Nothing game changing or anything I don't think but still cool as all get out to find on your own.

another example: I was running around on Shadows of Evil and again I think I never heard this becasue I didn't have a headset but I heard a plane flying overhead. I look up and it was. I couldn't believe what I saw though, it was the plane from Mob Of The Dead on Black Ops 2. Again, nothing game changing I don't think but still super cool to find on your own.

I can't praise Treyarch enough for there zombies. They do a great job and I'm so looking forward to Feb.2 when the new map drops. I know that Activision was holding them hostage and said "You must make mp maps like all are other installements of this series, very constricted three route system and set up where players can kill or be killed really fast since really fast is what we like."

I would buy this game for zombies alone and I did this year, just like I gave Sledgehammer a chance last year since they did do zombies which I didn't mind too much but still doesn't hold a candle to Treyarchs story or mysteries within. But I still praise Sledgehammer for atleast trying unlike Infinity Ward which I hope never does zombies. They butcher everything they touch and there the ones that changed how Cod MP works in the first place. Fast paced, kill or be killed really fast. So just seems like Halo anymore.

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