Homefront: The Revolution Gets a Closed Beta on Xbox One Starting Next Month

Xbox One owners can be the first to try it out when the Closed Beta runs next month for 3 days exclusively on Xbox One.

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AizenSosuke1534d ago

That's cool, and interesting!

MercilessDMercer1534d ago

Hopefully they've DRAMTICALLY improved it since we last this

Walter_Official1534d ago

Last time i saw gameplay i was discouraged. It looked as if graphics had been heavily downgraded and no longer had the atmosphere i got n the first gameplay.

WellyUK1534d ago

here we go again with the downgrade crap...

Walter_Official1534d ago

@WellyUK you watch its initial E3 showing and tell me it looks like the same game as to a few months ago.

GrapesOfRaf1534d ago

The first Homefront wasn't bad, it was just too short. The shooting actually felt pretty good.

Utalkin2me1534d ago

Of course it felt good, you could headshot someone with a pistol all the way across the map. Was totally ridiculous.

ScorpiusX1534d ago

Sweet , loved the first one .

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