Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak Review - Switch the Vacuum of Space for Arid Deserts | COG

COG writes - Homeworld, largely known for being an epic, 3D space RTS is back but this time on solid ground. Forgoing 3D for 2D, Deserts of Kharak is an expertly crafted game that fits in just fine with its predecessors.

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MRBIGCAT1528d ago

This game is getting fantastic review scores. I may need to check this out.

3-4-51527d ago

More RTS is always a good thing IMO.

90's had dozens of them, and we get very few now.

generalwinter1528d ago

Love the desert environment.

MercilessDMercer1528d ago

I'm happy to see this series is still putting out quality!

GrapesOfRaf1528d ago

Can't wait for it to go on sale. It's totally worth the price they're asking, just a bit out of my range right now.