A few things that need to happen in Battlefield 5

MyGaming: "No one was surprised when DICE’s Development Director, Dan Vaderlind, announced that they had started development on a new Battlefield game.

So we thought, why not talk about some of the things that hampered Battlefield 4’s experience, and how DICE might do things a little better this time round."

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Neonridr1530d ago

a single player mode.. :P

bixxel1529d ago

Most importantly, a non-linear story where choices have enticing consequences.

Majin-vegeta1529d ago

Ummm yea if we could skip SP in future BF titles except for spinoffs that would be great.

Walter_Official1529d ago

Luckily your opinion doesn't matter

Joey_The_Robot1529d ago

God anything that's not Hardline