Bloodborne’s Toughest Bosses

Stu at Sushimonster85 writes 'It wasn’t until these past two weeks, nine months after my first extended time period playing the game, that I hopped back into Bloodborne. Man, am I happy I came back to Yharnam. Those first few hours back were a little rough, the Unseen Village is no place to try and remember how to play Bloodborne. But after a little while getting re-acclimated, I was right back in the swing of things. That being said, Bloodborne is still my first ‘Souls’ game, and you never forget your first. Namely, just what a bunch of b*stards some of these bosses tend to be. Below are the five Bloodborne bosses that gave me nightmares.'

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kurochi1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Logarius gave me some trouble. I can see how the others were might be hard if it's your first "Souls" game. But Bloodbourne is easily the easiest of the "Souls" game IMHO. Can't wait for DS III!!! Game on!!

Utalkin2me1535d ago

Game was pretty easy for a "Souls". None of the bosses was extremely hard.

thekhurg1535d ago

For me the hardest boss was tedious. It ended up winning in the end. Not a fan of damage sponge boss fights, and it just felt like that's all I was going against.

Jughead34161535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

I haven't defeated Ludwig yet. It's not his difficulty level. It's just that, he has an insane amount of health. And he has like 6 ways to one shot you. Too embarrassed to say how many times I've failed.

I got lucky when I beat Logarius. We killed each other at the same time, but they gave it to me. He was the only main campaign boss that gave me some real trouble. About 30 tries for him.

Utalkin2me1535d ago

Well obviously the game is harder or easier for certain people. Depends on how smart and patient you are, really all it is.

Bimkoblerutso1535d ago


Yeah, I found both Ludwig and Lawrence to be probably the hardest bosses in the game for that reason, especially in NG+. The fights tend to go on so long that there are just too many chances to make mistakes.

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Kinger89381535d ago

i think after playing any game in the series through, you gain a certain level of confidence in how you approach new situations in the other games. i remember on demons and dark souls i would take my time on that first play and be scared of what might be around the next bend but then in souls 2 and BB i found myself toying with the enemies, drawing them out etc all tactics you sort of learn from experience in the series! first run still took about 20-25hrs though but i loved it, my GOTY 2015

Aloy-Boyfriend1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Demon and Dark Souls also get easier as you become more skilled and level up. And let's be honest here, many, if not most, of the deaths are falling from ledges or enemies hiting you near a ledge because of the games' horrible yet intentional physics and animations

Aloy-Boyfriend1535d ago

That's because it is Bloodborne not Demon or Dark Souls.

kurochi1535d ago

well, it's the author who lumped BB into a "Souls" game. Technically speaking, BB is it's own genre b/c it plays much faster than the original Soul series. But I guess DS III's combat will be more like BB?

Dark_Crow1535d ago

You are correct. Too easy. Dark souls 3 will redeem the souls games again.

Disagrees very likely come from certain fans fyi. Don't mind them.

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goldwyncq1535d ago

The DLC bosses are the hardest by far.

Wallstreet371535d ago

Also one of the Chalice dungeon bosses (forgot his name) was actually the toughest for me. The only DLC boss that was hard was Kaos, i beat Laurence and the others by myself easily enough after a few tries.

mocaak1535d ago

I found Vicar Amelia and Father Gascoigne pretty easy to beat. For Vicar Amelia you just have to stay in close range. And Father Gascoigne is easy to parry. Honestly for me Blood Starved Beast took the longest to beat.

Aloy-Boyfriend1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Gascoine took me several tries to beat. Once he turn into a beast, his movements are hard to read. He would sometimes spam the jump attack and don't stop until I die.

Now the last boss, man what a fight!!

mocaak1535d ago

lol, never mind. I mistook Gascoigne for Gehrman. Gascoigne was challenging. On New Game I beat him on second try though.

Dark_Crow1535d ago

You know that moment when he's about to transform. Kick him then.

The wolf has like 3 different combos. Very easy.

aquaticDonut1535d ago

Really? BSB was always one of the easier ones for me since you can can just parry all of his attacks.

mocaak1535d ago

Yeah, that freaking poison wrecked me every time, then I just changed my gear for poison resist and beat him after couple of tries.

TheDivine1535d ago

Ebrietas and Ludwig were tough at first. Just whipped Ludwig last night. I had a npc summon though, felt like cheating.

Master-H1535d ago

Eberites is annoying. Ludwig is pretty tough. The Orphan of Kos is the toughest boss outside of the challenge dungeons by far. Some of his moves in his second phase are ridiculously aggressive and unpredictable.
The toughest bosses overall are in the cursed chalice dungeons. The Flaming dog, cursed Amygdala, and cursed Eberietes were all infuriatingly frustrating to beat for me.

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