LEGO Marvel’s Avengers Review |Twinfinite

LEGO Marvel's Avengers is the latest game to let you control a powerful minifig to take over the world. Let's see how it stacks up against the rest.

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KosherNostra1535d ago

After the open world structure of New York City in Lego Marvel Superheroes, it's too far a step backward for me to play what's obviously meant to highlight the movie licenses and not the comics. A shame, but I'll get it 18 months from now, when it's below $30.

Orejillz1533d ago

It has several open areas, and a pretty large NYC still. They did a good job and I think it stands up well against Marvel superheroes. No xmen or spidey though

skcej1534d ago

Picking this up on Friday when it finally released in the UK. Can't come quick enough I'm really in the mood to collect some LEGO studs! haha

Orejillz1533d ago

definitely worth it if you're a fan of the LEGO games or Avengers.