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Gravity Rush comes off as formulaic at times, but it's also a wonderful joyride that's been enhanced by a generous remastering effort that makes it feel right at home on PS4. Despite its problems, Gravity Rush is an adventure worth taking not just because there's hardly anything like it, but because it leverages its distinct gameplay to great effect, freeing you from the hold of gravity in a world worth exploring.

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TimelessDbz1526d ago

Good review. I have it on vita. Everything he said was pretty much spot on.

Yama1526d ago

Game averaged about an 82% through critics, yet GameSpot gave it a 6.5 on the Vita. Fair review, though it's personally a solid 8-9 for me. I played the Asian version on the PS4 and the games fantastic art style really comes to life through the remaster. Great game, lots of charm.

DDMNeo1526d ago

I got it for free on PS+ a while back, and I liked it overall. So I'm going to pick it up so I can throw the money at it it deserves.

pompombrum1526d ago

Is this out now then? Never played the Vita version and it looks interesting, might pick it up.

emad-E-three1526d ago

You won't regret...the least I can say.

TomatoDragon1526d ago

I can't recommend this game enough to ps4 owners who never owned a Vita. Great game and fun gameplay.

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The story is too old to be commented.