Wii slaughters PS3 in holiday sales

The final numbers are in, and in terms of unit sales, the Wii is the unquestioned winner of the holiday shopping battle, with estimates claiming that Nintendo's console is outselling the PS3 at a rate of two to one, reports The Times Online.

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Witewunder5255d ago

No kidding Nintendo outsold PS3, there as many PS3s. The real question I have is how Nintendo did in sales compared to Microsoft.

shysun5255d ago

Two to one....So if Sony sold 500,000,Nity sold 1mil....I wouldn't call that a slaughter.We all know Nity put out more GC..oops Wii's than PS3's,so wheres the suprise?This is such a smear article....wheres the 360???

xfrgtr5255d ago (Edited 5255d ago )

Totally agree,that's no surprise because of the production issue of the ps3,two to one a slaughter?Please give me a break,the ps3 is selling very well despite being launch in north america and japan only,while nintendo had a worldwide launch.360 is bleeding.

DJ5255d ago

Worldwide launch vs. Two Territories. No production issues vs. Horrendous production issues. This was totally expected.

How's Microsoft doing? Only a few days from '07, and they still haven't hit their already delayed sales predictions.

Optimus Prime5255d ago

sonys fault there wasnt a world launch. so quit trying to act like it wasnt.

MikeIsOnFire845255d ago

The newer stuff they have sucks though...

xbox360migs5254d ago (Edited 5254d ago )

microsoft are not that far off their predictions, just a few more days to go and we shall see, I reckon 9.5 million total units sold! I think Microsoft have sold a suprising amount of consoles in the last month!

Odiah5255d ago

Stop complaining about your lame companies failings. It's their own fault they couldn't launch in Europe. Reap the whirlwind fools.

CAPS LOCK5255d ago

there are more than twice as much wiis and they are more than 2 times cheaper than the ps3, also there are Wiis available in its not a surprise and i think the ps3 is doing well.

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The story is too old to be commented.