PSN Video Store Problem

James, from and Talks about how if you are a TV Show lover the PSN Video Store maybe raping you some serious money.

"The PSN Video Store is nice and is certainly coming along with the weekly updated movies and TV shows. But the PSN Video Store does have a big problem that will affect TV show buyer's big time.

What are you Talking About?

To understand what I am saying I will use iTunes to demonstrate my point. On iTunes, you can buy individual episodes of shows or buy the whole season,"

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DJ3806d ago

A "Buy Entire Season" discount of 20% should be in place.

JamesL0073806d ago

Exaclty what I said bro, its insane to buy each episode individually when they can bundle them up in packs for discounts.

It would promote more people to buy more stuff then.


Overr8ed3806d ago

yup, i hate the fact that you cant buy Prison break in 1 season.

nbsmatambo3806d ago

i thought there was a cart where u group wat u wanna buy then dwnload all?

idk i may b wrong lol

JamesL0073806d ago

nbsmatambo, Yes there is a cart you are right. But you can't do a download all with out adding them each, nor do you get a discount like other online rental / purchase places. If would be nice to just be able to buy all and get a discount, this way it saves money for you and promotes more people to buy shows.


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ReconHope3806d ago

is around how much it cost to buy at a store actually save money.

JamesL0073806d ago

I agree on that with you bro, but for other shows its not. I found it cheaper still at Fry's Electronics. It's just messed up they did not add a "Buy All" feature yet, I would have thought by now they would have too.


killinet2473806d ago

Fry's Electronics is the best electronic store ever (IMO). They have everything you could imagine there and then some.

JamesL0073806d ago

Aman killinet247, that store is the best for all us gamers and geeks. By far the best deals on HDD's too. Incase you were interested in upgrading that stock PS3 HDD, you can find damn good prices at Frys Electronics too for them, and not maxtor either but WD and Seagate.


Shadow Man3806d ago

Just go to with your ps3 browser and problem solve.

Bathyj3806d ago

Shouldn't "maybe" be "may be"? Thats the real issue here.

I demand action.

CrazedFiend3806d ago

Ok, it's nice that you wrote this up and all. And I'm sure we all agree with this point. But does anyone ever write these concerns directly to Sony?

I seriously question whether Sony actually checks these forums to see how they're doing in our eyes. I sometimes think that putting these things up on the official Sony forums or better yet emailing their service line would get the word to them a little more effectively.

How many people here actually post on Sony's official forum? I think that's where the complaints should be going.

JamesL0073806d ago

Last comment I can make here,

Yes I have indeed sent a e-mail to them, in fact I did that before I wrote this post up too. I know just talking doesn't get it done, you have to direct it to the right people you are right. Now if more people did it too then yea it would get done probably by this year too.


CrazedFiend3806d ago

I'm glad to hear that.

All my complaints go strait to Sony and I think everyone else's should too.