Havana from Assassin's Creed IV, Recreated in Minecraft


Who needs a vacation to the Carribeans when you can just boot up this lovely Assassin’s Creed Havana map in Minecraft? The majority of people, probably. But hey, it’s still a pretty cool build.

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skulz71524d ago

Wow, this is incredible.

3-4-51524d ago

I agree. Really impressive, must have taken a long time.

I loved was the last AC game I truly liked, and I loved just being able to freely go to any Island.

I really got into being a pirate in that game and I would have "home base" islands I would go back to from time to time and adventure to all my favorite islands in between missions just for the fun of it.

It was a beautiful game to look at, the OST was pleasing to listen to, and the characters were likable along with a pretty solid story as well.

AC 2
AC 2 Brotherhood
AC 4 Black Flag

^ These were the only AC games I really enjoyed but they were all great games.

skulz71524d ago

Whilst I generally love most AC games, I agree. AC 4 was absolutely astonishing!