Don’t Blame EA, Blame Yourself

Alex from GamersFTW writes:

“Surely, if the indie scene has taught us anything, it’s self-determined employees make better video games, which is all any of us want. It begs the question, what kind of consumers do video gamers want to be? After all, EA is a company defined by the consumer, the same way newspapers are defined by their readership. It has always been a case of supply and demand, and if there’s a demand for bad video games, someone will supply them. So don’t blame EA, blame yourself.”

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AudioEppa1524d ago

This isn't going to end well...

nX1523d ago

I blame myself for buying Battlefront but I blame EA for making it.

3-4-51523d ago

A lot of time because we wait so long for something we want, we lack the self control to just say "No", to something we highly anticipated.

For me it's a bit easier as I play games on PC,XB1,Wii U,3DS,Vita&PSP, so if a Dev ends of screwing up a game, I always have others to go to which makes having self control and not buying the crappy game that much easier.

EA was doing some really good things on the Xbox 360/PS3. They have since gone down hill.

* NCAA Football was a solid series, even more fun than Madden.....they got rid of it.

* NBA Live 09 was a good game....since it's been crap.

* Skate 2&3 were awesome games.....they stopped making them.

* MVP Baseball was awesome......they stopped making them and didn't try to buy the license.

* Battlefield 3 was boring quickly.

* They put a ton of money into UFC games, but they get old quick, and while they look good, aren't much fun to play past 2-3 days.

EA got one thing very right = Plants vs Zombies:Garden Warfare.

^ That is one of the best new Shooters to be made in the past 20 years.

I wish they would learn from that success and apply it elsewhere.

saywat2471523d ago

you forgot nba street, nfl street, and fight night

Yukes1524d ago

Horrible to admit it, but the article is right. As long as "we" - the broad gaming community - keep buying these shallow games bereft of content on release, EA will keep making them. No point then chastising them as terrible company.

Roccetarius1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

Indeed, why create more value for the consumers, while ''we'' keep buying games with a minimum of it in the game? EA isn't the only one guilty of this, which is why i've pretty much abandoned the majority of mainstream releases.

Of course, there are people defending any and all practices done in this industry.

c00lvilKid691524d ago

“abandoned the majority of mainstream releases.”

You and I both.

skydragoonityx1524d ago

EA is the worst gaming company period

1noobgamer1524d ago

I disagree... they have Fifa! :)

c00lvilKid691524d ago

They’re a company with assets worth six billion dollars, who have the capacity to employ over 8000 people - and people buy their games. Are they really ‘the worst gaming company,’ or are they just serving a market successfully?

DVAcme1524d ago

I agree with the article. Consumers speak with their wallet, and if we keep supporting a company's games blindly regardless of quality instead of making informed decisions on our game purchases, we're facilitating that behavior. If a game you bought is crap, selling it back to Gamestop won't discourage EA, cause they already made their money.

But regardless of that, EA is still not the worst gaming company. That's Konami. At least EA doesn't treat their employees like subhuman garbage.

RegorL1522d ago

"keep supporting a company's games blindly regardless of quality"

You cant blame Battlefront for being having low quality, most(all?) other games released 2015 had a lot more quality issues.

Low on content? More than enough for me at least (and more is comming). I have most fun when playing one map over and over, learning it bit by bit...

DVAcme1522d ago

@RegorL Hey, I'm not saying it's wrong to like a game. If you enjoy it, more power to you. But as someone who played the beejezus out of the BRILLIANT Battñefront 2, I found the newest entry in the franchise severely lacking, and quite a large number of the fandom agrees with me. But like I said, I'm not gonna criticize anyone for liking the game, I'm not here to be anyone's killjoy, I'm just govong my opinion.

SegaGamer1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

I haven't bought anything made by EA in a long time now so i don't need to blame myself for anything.

annoyedgamer1524d ago

As a business EA is very successful..unfortunately it speaks volumes on the intelligence of the gaming community.

So successful in fact that Ubisoft has decided to mimic their model all the way from DLC and microtransactions so the political propaganda that plagues their titles.

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