Homefront The Revolution Resistance Mode revealed in Freedom Fighters Trailer, Unlock skills, weapon

Through the Freedom Fighters trailer, Deep Silver has announced a brand new four-player online co-operative gameplay mode: Resistance Mode for Homefront: The Revolution.

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MJunior1522d ago

Freedom Fighters...

that feel hurt.

AudioEppa1522d ago

:( why they do this to us.

amargotv1522d ago

how i miss that game.... was so epic..

Moe-Gunz1522d ago

All this does is remind me of the Freedom Fighters game I used to play on PS2.

Loved that game.

TheCommentator1522d ago

I played through that game at least a dozen different ways. So many good times... I/O NEEDS to bring it back.

SlightlyRetarted1522d ago

I didn't know Call of Duty: Ghosts was getting a sequel??