Reaction: What Does the Death of Sony Computer Entertainment Mean?

Push Square: "Sony Computer Entertainment, the iconic company that gave birth to the billion dollar PlayStation brand, is dead – or, at least, it will be when the new financial year begins on 1st April. The Japanese giant has announced its intention today to merge the PlayStation maker with Sony Network Entertainment, a companion subsidiary created to control the PlayStation Network and complementary services such as PlayStation Music and PlayStation Vue. The new consolidated company will be named Sony Interactive Entertainment, and will be headquartered in California."

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yuukiliu1527d ago

It's not dead. It's just getting a name change. Putting it together with the part that makes Psn click is a good idea.

Griever1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

Agreed. This is sensaitonalism clickbait at its best. They just merged the two companies. The employees are teh same, the operations are the same and life will go on as always. It is just putting together two related businesses so that they can be managed under a single company.

This is similar to how the Xbox division was merged with Microsoft studios into single division/company to "streamline" the business and Phil Spencer became the boss of Xbox back in 2014. That did not mean the death of Xbox division, did it?

Grap1527d ago

but centralize management isn't always a good thing.

DOMination-1527d ago

When Xbox was merged with devices, N4G was convinced it was the beginning of the end of Xbox. In both articles and comments posted.

They aren't saying PlayStation is dying, just SCE which is factually correct. On April 1 it will no longer exist. As with the Xbox merge, nothing will change to the average Joe. Just a different name.

Taero1526d ago

@Grap Not always, but without it you end with something like this ... or hilariously this (look at the federal agencies branches)

I can imagine a wee bit of inefficiency going on there.

UltraNova1527d ago

The death part was about the SCE diamond logo not about the company as a whole.

Remember sensational titles = more hits.

Apollosupreme1527d ago

This is probably about saving money during tough economic times. Everything under one roof means less expenses and a better bottom line.

This means nothing to gamers beyond bloggers looking for clickbait.

UltraNova1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

Yes and no. It means something to gamers because if you house all your departments under one roof, in one Country you can archive better coherence. If you reduce remove disconnection you can decrease delays in decision making. Everything will be optimized and run easier due to faster, better and ultimately more efficient communication. All that in turn will get us the gamers more new or improved Playstation products faster than before.

The company that I work has been through the same restructuring for the last 2 years. I have to admit things are getting done faster because different departments are in direct contact(nothing beats a face to face meeting when things have to get done fast). The streamline effect payoff is even more profound the more integrated procedures and decision making gets.

All in all I believe this was a smart move by Sony.

The only thing that worries my is that everything is now moved to the US, SONY Japan will exert even more pressure from overseas just to be able to show or rather remind the US branch of their presence and who's boss, ultimately causing friction.

Time will tell.

extermin8or1527d ago

@ultranova. Nah kaz Hirai wouldn't let it happen and he's ceo of Sony outright and has plenty of experience in working in usa having helped launch ps1. Nah I think Sony are just recognising that gaming in general has shifted towards the west in recent years although there are still many notable Japanese devs they are still uniquely placed to interact with. I think this is more todo with psn improvements and profit consolidation. Psn makes alot of money and that money can now more easily be attributed to PlayStation in general and go into R and D without having to transfer between departments which can have the effect of making the hardware devision look like it's losing money. I still expect the central r and d team to remain in Japan because... Well they clearly know their stuff so why move them. They'll be formed of people from all over the world anyway.

Silly Mammo1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

Headline: Overly dramatic much?

MasterCornholio1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

Well its click bait.

It definitely is an exaggeration.

secretcode1527d ago Show
PSN_ZeroOnyx1527d ago

Dead? Did they actually go through the press release?

This merger does not kill any company involved, it merely unifies them. This should help streamline joint operations as well as cut down on overhead. Things should run smoother and cost less.

skydragoonityx1527d ago

It means sh*ts getting real

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