The Division Preload Now Available For All Platforms

You can now go ahead and start your The Division preload for the upcoming beta. It's over 26GB, by the way.


Admin note: File size is around 26 GB for all platforms. A little bigger than the official announcement of 23.2 GB.

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Chris_Wray1533d ago

I still haven't got my bloody code for it, even though I preordered the damn game! Silly Ubisoft/Game.

Alexious1533d ago

You can check the status of your beta access at this address: https://account-uplay.ubi.c...

Chris_Wray1533d ago

Aww, but that means effort. All logging in and such!

Immorals1533d ago

Checked and it says nothing, try and reuse my code and it says I've already registered. Sucks :(

ArchangelMike1533d ago

I just checked and I've got mine. Thank God for pre-loading aye!

odderz1533d ago

Can't wait to see some impressions of this! Still not sure if it looks amazing or crap!

the_mack_attack31533d ago

Yeah, I'm not completely sold on it. I like the concept though, enough to get me interested. I have a thing for snow as well, I love it, and the contrast between the white and everything else.

fiveby91533d ago

I pre-loaded the beta on PC this morning. I am hopeful the beta is well done. However I did not pre-order this game as I would like to see / play it myself beforehand. finger crossed.

BattleTorn1533d ago

I'm leaning towards Destiny-style.

Meaning I'll personally love it, but despise myself for supporting it.

Hopefully this analogy will pressure me to NOT buy it within early release months

ccgr1533d ago

Looks fun but I'll wait for a sale

cfc831533d ago

I wanted to try it on both consoles. It appears i'm only allowed to play xb1 version.

ninsigma1533d ago

I'm sure if you pre order ps4 version from amazon now you'll get the code. Then just cancel the order. You won't get charged.

Alexious1533d ago

Yeah, it seems like beta codes are linked to the specific platform you chose when redeeming the code.

cfc831533d ago

Appears to be the case

WellyUK1533d ago

I have all 3 on my profile thing. No idea why but i'm not complaining, wanted to try PC and ps4.

ninsigma1533d ago

Got my code just a while ago. Looking forward to trying it out buy I don't think I'm getting it at this point.

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The story is too old to be commented.