Ubisoft is killing the best game it’s made in years: Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six: Siege entered with a flashbang, but may leave with a whimper.

Evolve is an asymmetrical multiplayer game where a team of hunters chase down a monster. It was made by the hugely talented Left 4 Dead developers over six years before being released early in 2015, and I thought it was great. But publisher 2K, so convinced of the game's quality, put in place various DLC packages and pre-order bonuses to milk what it expected to be an enormous community. The perception took hold that Evolve was ripping off players—who had to buy the "core" game first—and it failed to sell in anything like the numbers expected. Now it's dead.

Rainbow Six: Siege walks a dangerously similar path.

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1531d ago Replies(5)
TLG19911531d ago

I picked up the game last week and got a good load of hours in over the weekend, im an old school fan of rainbow and never purchased an online only game so i picked this up cheap as i was sceptical.

I have not had a single issue connecting to any match, every time im in a game in no time. i haven't felt any need to pay for any micro transactions or any addons, but that might change once the new operators start to come with the season pass holders.

I personally am absolutely loving the game, its been a long time I've played any online game properly especially an FPS game, i can't stand the likes of cod and battlefield isn't close to what it once was.

I think they have done a great job with re booting rainbow, i would like more customisation and no single player is still pretty disappointing, but i spent most of my time on old rainbow games playing terrorist hunt anyway. maybe single player DLC further down the line.

jmc88881531d ago

From what I understand the new operators just have a one week lock on them for non-season pass players.

In other words, 1 week after, you can get them like all the rest.

So no, still no reason to buy anything. It really doesn't take long to unlock all the operators either.

Oh and all the maps are free.

The game has issues, but amazingly on launch, the server issues that plagued all the alpha/beta/stress test (they did FIVE total) were gone. Occasionally there is a hiccup, but overall it works fine now. It screws up as often as say CoD does, so it's fine.

Team killing sucks, but it's not rampant. Shot around corners sucks, but they upped the server tick rate, haven't played since that update though.

But the around corners isn't that big of a deal, since most players aren't running and gunning. Most of the gameplay, people aren't running around.

I agree with others that if you get stuck, go prone and get back up.

Overall I'm impressed that they fixed the connection issues, and the match doesn't drag on as much as it did during the alpha/beta/etc.

I'm somewhere around level 40 and I've taken a few breaks of a couple weeks at a time or so.

daBUSHwhaka1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Disconnections,rubber banding,team killing from the word go,shot around corners,sticking in scenery all still plague the game.Superb tactical game let down by the servers.

Utalkin2me1531d ago

Could be your region or something. I have seen rubber banding twice since playing and 3 times maybe on disconnecting, im level 80 btw. I have gotten stuck a handful of times, go prone and get back up solves the problem for me.

If you do not want teamkilled then play in a full party. It does happen from time to time, but i havent seen it that often.

Mr_GoolyPunch1531d ago

Yeah the getting stuck seems to be programming - I thought it was banding, tried to go prone and hey presto, I was aliiiiive! :D

BattleAxe1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

It's not his region, disconnects are commonplace, and rubberbanding happens once in a while also. Connections through matchmaking also get dropped and result in errors a lot of times.

I'm in Canada, and I've played with other Canadians and many Americans, and everyone has had issues with this game. The technical issues are the only thing really holding this game back.

Utalkin2me1530d ago

Well i personally have not had any issues playing online. Besides what i stated before. Couple of my friends that have it also dont have any issues. So no, not everyone has issues as you stated.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1531d ago

Get a better internet connection, LAN it if you haven't already.

x_BlackRose1531d ago

Game works fine, nice job Ubi

solar1531d ago ShowReplies(2)
solar1531d ago

It is a love/hate relationship with me and this game right now.

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The story is too old to be commented.