Quantum Break rated for PC in Brazil

The Brazil Advsiory Rating Board has rated Quantum Break for PC in addition to Xbox One.

Currently, the Remedy Entertainment-developed time-bending third-person shooter is planned for an Xbox One release on April 6.

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FasterThanFTL11535d ago

Interesting, the plot thickens.

FlipSwitch1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Don't tell me xbone is losing another exclusive. That will mean there is only 1 and a half exclusives this year.

Hopefully for xbone's sake this isn't happening

MachuchalBrotha3161535d ago

Lol...funny! Just because its rated and or coming to PC doesn't hurt Xbox One. For all we know, it could be 6 months or one year before going on PC.

Are PC gamers now gonna start bashing Xbox One for losing another exclusive? Or are you happy to be getting, what I hope to be a great game on Windows 10/Xbox?

I have a PC and I can already tell you I cant buy Rise of Tomb Raider let alone QB. Why? Because my PC doesnt have a gtx 970 in it. Its just a regular dell desktop. Which cost as much as a gtx 970.
But I do have a Xbox One too and that also cost the same as a gtx970. Not everyone has the rig to push these games. But I'll let yu tell it.

MS did say they want to support PC gaming, so why are the PC gamers turning against them. I dont understand it.

Volkama1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

"Quantum Break Devs To Discuss How They Solved Performance Issues @ GDC 2016"

Spoiler alert? :p

OoglyBoogly1535d ago

Interesting but I'm doubtful. Maybe along in the future some time but not soon.

nowitzki20041535d ago

April 5th is not too soon. No one thought TR would come out for PC as early as it is either.

Paytaa1535d ago

Well the Xbox marketing specified Holiday 2015 so once 2016 started I believe it was fair game for Tomb Raider

nowitzki20041535d ago


The general public was surprised by the early release as was I. My guess was around March or April.

christocolus1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )


You actually think a PC version of QB will be released in April? same month as the Xbox One version? lol. Even if this happens it will take sometime. According to Phil QB was always going to be an xbox exclusive. They never planned a PC version.

Also Sam lake stated this when he talked about his hopes for a PC version in the future. Just take a look at Gears Ultimate. The PC version isn't even out and Sam will be at GDC in a few weeks discussing the development process of QB on Xbox One and regarding ROTR,it was always planned for an early 2016 release and January surely falls under early. Doesn't it?

nowitzki20041535d ago


No I was referring to when I thought TR would be released for PC. and OP said "Maybe along in the future some time but not soon." and Apr 5th is "not soon".

I dont think QB will be released in April for PC and we do not even know if it is coming to PC.

MachuchalBrotha3161535d ago

Yeah but Rise isnt owned by Xbox so MS had no say.

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OpieWinston1535d ago

Well Gears 3 got rated for PC in Brazil back then. So it could be a long wait I agree.

AudioEppa1535d ago

If this comes to PC... I might buy it, if my old shit computer let's me play it :(

I can dig playing Xbox games without buying a One. Also I can use my ps4 controller still hehe

FattyBoy3D1535d ago

Forza5&6, Forza horizon 2, Halo 5 and Sunset Overdrive were rated for PC in Brazil as well. Big grain of salt with this one but It makes for good click fodder for N4G

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The story is too old to be commented.