The Division Beta: 7 Things You Need to Know

Gadgets 360 says: "Here's what you need to know if you want to give The Division beta a go."

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Septic1528d ago

Mine's downloaded and ready to play come the 28th. Lets see what this game holds.

The Destiny beta made it clear what type of game it was (and moreover, what it wasn't) so this will be a good insight into what we can expect from the final product.

My falafel is ready.

zerocarnage1528d ago

From my time in alpha I enjoyed it, if it can repeat for the beta, then I'd say Ubisoft got it rite where Activision + Destiny got it wrong as I got fed up on both alpha and beta in Destiny..

Not that either game are alike and I don't see why they're being compared at all, as every title is different..

SeanScythe1528d ago

will they just send me my email already!! dang I hate waiting until the last min to get something promised if you give them money.

sourav931528d ago

Go here: https://account-uplay.ubi.c...

If you have access to the beta, you'll find your key(s) here.

Starcommand1528d ago

i was majorly excited for destiny when i downloaded the beta i just never enjoyed it , i felt majorly disappointed and in hindsight i am glad i never got the game or gave it any time other than the beta.
i feel the same for the division when it was announced i was pumped but now iM extremely unsure, hopefully the beta will be enjoyable and show me that it will be an amazing game

Bully718son1528d ago

Boy I hope we get brooklyn and queens