Umbrella Corps launches May, second trailer

Umbrella Corps will launch for PlayStation 4 and PC via download this May in North America and Europe, and May 12 in Japan, Capcom announced.

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Geobros1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

So the game coming May 2016! This is day one by me.

gantarat1523d ago

i hope capcom do beta test
ps.look like they reusing re4,5 village completely.

Tsar4ever011523d ago

All started with Hunk mode from RE2, and all modes off RE6. An offshoot of the RE game that puts you in the shoes of an umbrella "sterilization unit". RE6 may have more or less bombed, but gamers played the shit out those mercenary modes. Capcom knows this that's why their capitalizing off that with this game. Might be fun. I'll be watching for this since Now they have single-player.

DarkOcelet1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

This is a much better trailer than the last.

The other map looked so boring. Hopefully this game is good.

And damn! Resident Evil 4 could seriously use those lovely textures.

Its great they got the village from RE4 and Shanty Town from RE5.

Those two were my favorite maps in Mercenaries :)

FallenAngel19841523d ago

Why is Xbox One being left out on receiving this potential atrocity?

user66660471523d ago

I have a feeling they won't be missing out on much.

Eonjay1523d ago

You know, not having a game doesn't count as an exclusive feature and it does nothing for the folks who are interested.

ocelot071523d ago

Am going to assume Sony put some money towards making the game like they did with Street Fighter 5. The same thing Microsoft did with Dead Rising 3 I guess.

I3loggs241523d ago

I might pick this up if its $30...

I3loggs241523d ago

$30 aud to be more precise, but yeah, ill buy it if it's cheap.

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