Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Network Entertainment form Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Network Entertainment International announced the formation of Sony Interactive Entertainment, a new company that joins the forces of all business units belonging to Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Network Entertainment International, including hardware, software, content and network services operations.

Sony Interactive Entertainment will be stationed in San Mateo, California, and esetablish key global business operations in Tokyo and London, beginning Friday, April 1.

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DarkOcelet1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

It seems Sony is going for an aggressive plan with the PS4.

I cant wait to see what happens next. Hopefully more improvements come to the PSN from this merging.

DragonDDark1523d ago ShowReplies(19)
-Foxtrot1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

Does this mean they have or they will merge the American and Europe divisions so we get things on the PSN store at the same time?

AizenSosuke1522d ago

I see Sony is doing a fusion on both sectors to save money smart Sony:)

Conzul1522d ago

Yeah, but I will miss their games having that badass black screen at startup with the splash:

Sony Computer Entertainment

ShowanW1522d ago

Playstation and Camera's have basically kept the Mega Corp alive...

Shiken1522d ago

Their insurance in Japan kept them alive. Their camera sensors have always done well and Playstation gets bigger every gen (slight hic up with PS3 but they made a comeback).

They are much healthier as a company now, but make no mistake, without their insurance division in Japan they would have had major hardships to stay afloat.

fenome1522d ago

@Shiken is right, I was just gonna say the same thing.

Here's an article from 3 years ago. Plus, they were losing more money on the PS3 than with the PS4. The sky's the limit.

tanukisuit1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

Actually, the steam name changing is only half correct. You can change your in-game "nick name" for others to see, but your actual ACCOUNT name cannot be changed. And... I think some games (not many though) use your account name above all else...

showtimefolks1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

for all those wanting to change their psn id name i believe sony should offer a one time free of charge name change(or charge few bucks)

but if you want to change your name again than it will cost $20 if you want to change it again $30 and if once more $40 until it gets to $60 and than no more psn name changes

after that no more name changes

some of you should have chosen your name better

stop making excuses on why you all chose a bad id. here is why because some of you all thought psn would never catch on and xblive was gonna be the be all end all

DarkOcelet1522d ago

Or Sony can simply do it Microsoft style, and give us one name change for free and then 10 bucks each time.

Chevalier1522d ago

I think they should let you change your name once a year for Plus members. It would convince people to get Plus and give another benefit as well. If you go beyond that 1 change then charge $!0 per name change.

showtimefolks1522d ago


that's what i said too first one should be free ot at the very least very cheap

i don't agree with mutiple name changes even if it cost money though. pick a good name and stick with it over multiple generations(or maybe allow a new name change even new gen)


why? do you change your twitter/facebook/istagram etc, ID monthly or yearly? i just don't get it

if sony were to say ok one free name change and after this no more name changes than i am sure people would still complain the heck out of that move

when picking a name choose with some thought and you won't regret it later

atleats that's my opinion

miyamoto1522d ago

Sony dropping the word "Computer" from Sony Computer Entertainment is a tribute to Steve Jobs dropping the word "Computers" from Apple Computers to just Apple. And the rest was history for Apple and hopefully the same goes for PlayStation.

Sky Rocket!

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AudioEppa1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

"Business is about to pick up"-JR

Sony making moves, I like it, I like it a lot. Can't wait for the new announcements coming this year, I wish there was a press conference every week streamed live lmao i'm such a Sony nerd! :D

PhoenixUp1523d ago

I'll really miss the old name. It really grew on me over the decades of its existence.

DragonDDark1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

They will change "Playstation"? Or the SCE Logo?

FallenAngel19841523d ago

I want to see what Sony's new publisher logo will look like. The classic sideways golden square has become very iconic over the years, it's almost surreal to realize it will have to change because of this

reallyNow1522d ago

the only thing that has to change is the text...

DragonDDark1523d ago

Interesting move. Looks like they are making a company that gives more for the Playstation platforms. Better network incoming?

ninsigma1523d ago

Let's hope! I find psn better than ever but all network improvements are welcome :)

DragonDDark1523d ago

Yeah. It has improved. But we should always wish for the better

NewAgeisHere1522d ago

It SHOULD be better since we're paying for online now, no reason to pat Sony on the back for smething that is to be expected.

ninsigma1523d ago

Without a doubt. Can't wait until the world has a proper networking infrastructure in place. It's all over the place atm.

nunley331522d ago

All that plus it's a VR play. Both working together more closely will result in a better network. I like the store and the pc store is great. I would say the search needs improving on PS4 but it's alot better on PC, bring the PC search into PS4.

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