New The Division PC Screenshots; Maxed Out 1080P, HBAO+

New The Division PC screenshots have been uploaded online, and the visuals show how the game looks like maxed out in 1080P with HBAO+.

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DarkOcelet1527d ago

Does anyone know the specs of the user who shared the screenshot?

just_looken1527d ago

Better not be high gtaiv on pc maxed out looked better than this:

PeaSFor1527d ago

pretty weak to be honest.

Braid1526d ago

Yeah. That just looks unimpressive, to say the least.

Bimkoblerutso1526d ago

Yeah, definitely next to the early footage, which made it look like some of the best graphics ever.

I still don't think it looks BAD,, they just had to take out so much of the detail. The city looks so flat and boring.

Next_gen_20151526d ago

I hear these pics arent even max settings.

TheOpenWorlder1526d ago

People can be in DENIAL all they want...but NVIDIA Gameworks is NOT going to bring back all the real-time global illumination/reflections/engin e assets that Ubisoft removed again with this game. NVIDIA didn't help WATCH WON'T help THE DIVISION.

People here are seriously forgetting this same excuse was used for WATCH DOGS time.

CP_Company1527d ago

i am happy with that. clever people knew that e3 graphics never gonna happened. so,this looks good. my thing is the gameplay.

I3loggs241527d ago

Gameplay looks horrible too, its a boring cover shooter with bullet sponge enemies, the map size looks smaller then expected and there's only 1 pvp area.

_LarZen_1527d ago

It's an RPG shooter. Not to be mistaken with a traditional shooter where a headshoot is normally a insta kill.

In The Division with it's RPG elements. Your level and stats mater. The level and quality of your weapon and gear. And the level of the enemy.

Hence why some enemies require more damage to take down then others.

PeaSFor1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

gonna play the beta on ps4 before deciding if its "horrible" or not, i was already interested in the game before, the beta will be a deciding factor to see if i cancel my preorder.

_LarZen_1527d ago

Yeah people need to learn that most of what is shown on events like E3. Are vertical slices.

TheOpenWorlder1526d ago

Maybe companies should stop trying to pass off the vertical slices like that's what the game will look like?

Instead they BS saying "this is an early version. not the final product."

Instead of openly saying "This is not indicative of what the final product will look like."

_LarZen_1526d ago

Agree. But this is how it's been for years and years. Would think gamers would remember how it is and not get burned again and again...

Some never learn it seams.

Kalebninja1527d ago

That grass is offensive but, I'll save my judgement for release.

_LarZen_1527d ago

The more I see of PC footage either video or photos. The more I like what I'm seeing.

Crossing fingers it's actually a fun game to play.

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The story is too old to be commented.