5 Things That Need To Change In The Gaming Industry

Warren from CGR writes about five things he thinks need to change in the gaming industry

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PixelGateUk1528d ago

In terms of pricing, most modern games go down within a month. Shopping smarter via discount codes and deal hunting is pretty easy to do these days too

ninsigma1528d ago

Your point on second hand games is a bit double edged. I agree it would be nice if the developers got a cut, even if it's smaller, from a resale but on the flip side, if a game rubs people the wrong way, due some anti consumer model or whatever, some would rather wait until it's second and buy it then so that they get to try the game but the devs/pubs they disagree with don't get money from them. That's also something I can agree with.

I don't understand investors. I mean, they want a return on their investment of course, I get that but you would think that they'd understand that games need to be designed properly with consumers in mind. If you keep rushing the games, taking shortcuts and implementing horrible anti consumer models, you're going to sell to a lot less people.

Definitely agree on pricing. A set cost is ridiculous when different games give different content. I disagree that the order was "ridiculously short", it was about average length or just under, but I do agree that it should have cost less when other games give more content for the same price.

Games journalism sucks. No two ways about it. Big name sites are corrupt and they aren't trustworthy. A lot of the time a reviewer isn't even qualified to be reviewing a game, let alone scoring it for the masses to squabble over.

Diversity is key for the industry to survive. While I don't particularly like the annual franchise model in games like cod or fifa, I do concede that they do bring a lot of money into the industry. Last gen saw a major step forward on console power and thus we started seeing much bigger world's and open world's and all sorts which is great, but I don't want them to become the norm for games. Short story driven games are just as important. Shooters really took over last gen as well, at the cost of good platforming games and everything became a lot more generic in the industry. Too much of one thing is not good and it serves no one.

s45gr321528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

This article does bring some good points, I just wished it was more detailed, more research, more content, etc. It was too brief for my liking specially on a very good topic.

1. Completely disagree with its first point in regards to second hand sales. That's due to the fact not opinion of "THE FIRST SALE DOCTRINE". A global law that grants the consumer the legal right to buy used physical products, trade, resale, and share. Its one of the few laws that protects consumers from bad practices. So, I am all for second hand sales due to the fact I have the legal right to buy used games.

2. Investors only care about the bottom line; money that's it, meaning as long as their investment prints 💰 they are ok. Is time for gaming to get out of corporate rule, the sooner the better. Support kickstarter/crowdfunded proyects over corporate gaming.

3.Agree on pricing, what's really shocking is that AMAZON is the only store that sales console games at cheap prices. Is time to get rid off one price fits all model once and for all. Is time to have competitive pricing in all retail store/their website asap. What I mean is instead of selling every game at $60.00 plus tax have every retail store compete with one another in who sells the game cheaper.

4. Gaming Journalism is as good as TMZ no bones about it. Its beyond corrupt, have lied, and on top of that 99% of the time it sides with the corporation ugh!!!

5. Diversity in gaming is key to innovation , creativity, and moving gaming forward.

1528d ago