Amplitude Review – Fast and Rhythmic I The Koalition

Michael Ajibade of The Koalition writes:
The end of 2001 saw a PS2 game named Frequency released. During this era, gaming magazines would come with demo discs. Some gamers made a practice of going to stores solely to discretely rip open the plastic bag the magazines were inside of to abscond with the demo discs. I may have done this a few times myself.

I still remember getting a PS2 demo disc that had about six games on it. I don’t really remember the other games now, but I do remember Frequency being one of them. I had no idea what the game was before playing it, nor had I heard of the company, Harmonix. Frequency would go on to be on my top ten PS2 games of all time list (sometimes top five, depending on the day). The music was a mix of numerous genres I loved and the gameplay was fast paced and rhythm based. Two years later, it got a sequel in Amplitude. I went into Amplitude expecting more of the same that was in Frequency with new music. The game had changed though and not...

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PixelGateUk1536d ago

Stress flash backs of Audio Surf incoming!!

rbailey1536d ago

Definitely amped to check this out but not sure when I'll have time to do so with so many great games coming out next month.