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OC_MurphysLaw1523d ago

Ok...that looks kinda really good. Like the cell shade art style.

GigawattConduit1523d ago

It looks a lot better than the last game did, with its ugly faces. This looks like it could be a ton of fun.

XisThatKid1523d ago

Def looking forward to this game. With a bit of polish on the OOTS and it could have been a hit, I loved it personally but I can play buggy games that are playable. It had great elements to be a good game hope this game has as much depth at least But I'm sure I'll enjoy it.

mikeslemonade1523d ago

Online 4-player story coop?

bouzebbal1523d ago

After two mediocre episodes, i wonder how this one will perform.
It looks cheap, but let's see how gameplay is. I'm not a big fan of P* (I only loved Vanquish) so let's see.

UltraNova1523d ago

Perhaps the most visual appealing cell shaded game I've seen so far. I hope this game is actually finished on release...looking at you Activision!

Why o why1523d ago

looking tidy. Knew nothing about this. Nice

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DarkOcelet1523d ago

I hate to be that guy but...

The Legend Of Korra looked really good but in the end it was really bad.

I dont trust anything from Activision.

GigawattConduit1523d ago

I see your concern and raise you Transformers Devastation. Platinum's currently 1-1 on Licensed Games.

Skate-AK1523d ago


Platinum Games did Legend of Korra too. That is why he brought it up. They are 1-2.

DarkOcelet1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )


Platinum is not the problem here. Activision is the problem.

I mean why not give TMNT a AAA budget and release it alongside the movie?

They have billions, why dont they show some love to their IP's rather than just COD and Skylanders?

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 could have been excellent if they actually treated it seriously, instead we got a half @ssed game, the same thing happened with Legend Of Korra.

Transformers Devastation was good but i believe Platinum could have done much better if they had more budget and time, the game felt rushed out of the door.

And i fear this one might be too.

slappy5081523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Ive been hoping for a good turtles game since Nes (there might have been good ones since then here and there but I missed them) Seeing Activision's name on it though worries me

miyamoto1523d ago

Like what April said in the video, "This looks really, really bad."

CorndogBurglar1523d ago

You might be the only person in history that wishes for a game to be released alongside a movie.

Considering that movie games that have time limits placed on the development end horribly about 99% of the time.

jetlian1523d ago

korra was fun. it was also 15 dollars which is how much transformers should have cost.

Erik73571523d ago

As soon as I saw legend of kora It looked like crap to me, this looks a lot better...

UncleWilly1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

DarkOcelot, I was excited, especially since Platinum was involved. Then I read your comment and realized how right you are. Thank you for bringing my head out of the clouds; I'm gonna remain wary with this one.

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ifistbrowni1523d ago

The art style is really impressive

LordMaim1523d ago

Looks decent. Maybe it can make me forget that crappy movie.

N4GDgAPc1523d ago

I thought the movie was great. I'm looking forward to the second movie.

XisThatKid1523d ago

@N4GDgAPc I can't agree with anything in that comment.

LiViNgLeGaCY1523d ago

I absolutely loved the movie. Hyped for the second one as well.

ShadowWolf7121523d ago

That movie was pure garbage and took a dump on the TMNT.

The comic this is based on, on the other hand, is possibly the best incarnation of them yet.

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1523d ago
AngelicIceDiamond1523d ago

Haven't played a proper turtles game in years this looks fun.

Professor_K1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

lighting looks pretty good for a cell shaded game

the animation looks insane though, no wonder its made by PG.

bradleejones1523d ago

It's platinum games. I'm in! Can't wait to play local co op!

Kidmyst1523d ago

My 5 year old son is going to freak out when he sees this. Heck I even want to play it. It looks good.

magiciandude1523d ago

Platinum Game is one of the very very best developers on the entire planet. This game will be amazing like Transformers Devastation!

XanderZane1523d ago

I'll check it out. Never did get the TMNT game that was a download on XBox 360. I played the demo and it was pretty deep for fighting, weapons and pulling of various moves.

UncleJerry1522d ago

looks like it could be really fun

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Neonridr1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Wow. I love the art style. And it definitely seems to capture the campy-ness of the original cartoon.

Looks awesome.

I wonder if MS has any sorts of rights to the game first since they were the console displayed for it.

GigawattConduit1523d ago

Apparently the game will have DLC, so maybe it'll come there before PS4/PS3?

TheJacksonRGN1523d ago

No they don't but the trailer was on their site. Why would they show the other paltforms?

Neonridr1522d ago

I was curious to know if they had marketing rights. I know the game is coming to the other platforms. But usually when you see a commercial specifically for one console, there are usually rights associated with it.

Hence why we don't see any Destiny Xbox One commercials or Star Wars Battlefront. But I am sure we will see Division Xbox One commercials.

ifistbrowni1523d ago

I didn't see ps4 labeled in the "ending title screen" where it lists consoles. I'm not sure that means anything though...

If the game is on Ps4/XB1 I'll get it for my ps4 (I like getting my trophy card higher). If it's only for Xb1, I'll still get it, because I like getting my gamerscore higher. lol.

Khaotic1523d ago

I here you, i only have one console xb1 with a respectable gamerscore in the 50,000. If or when i get a ps i will feel so behind with trophys. :(

KilluaX31523d ago

Why would Microsoft show PS4?

jb2271523d ago

I wonder the same thing...I know this is an MS branded commercial, but do they typically refrain from showing any other platforms? just seemed strange to me that a reveal trailer would be an MS branded one that only showed Xbox consoles...Game looks like it could be pretty cool but Transformers Devastation was kinda lacking for my tastes...that game would've been amazing as a $20-40 arcade title, but as a full $60 boxed release it was a bit underwhelming.

XisThatKid1523d ago

Nah I have very little doubt that It won't come to Playstation consoles its just marketing branding

ShadowWolf7121523d ago

The reveal trailer on Activision's YouTube Channel shows all platforms. As did the game's teaser site.

LordMaim1523d ago

It's coming to PS3/PS4 as well as Xbox 360/Xbox One.


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itsjustexuma1523d ago

Just like the TMNT PS2 game

Zotaku871523d ago

I like how Platinum was all clever in being like, "hold tight for the OFFICIAL leak"

and then Microsoft went and screwed that all up. GG Microsoft.

GigawattConduit1523d ago

They tried...sorta. Well, not really.