Remembering Demo Discs writes:

''Before the days of Xbox Live and PSN, demo discs were the hero of the masses. Those little round samplers, full of the biggest release. In fairness, smaller titles were chucked on for good measure. Popping in that disc, choosing from a host of games to try, what a feeling it was.''

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rbailey1526d ago

I remember these demo discs as they were great at giving me an opportunity to explore a game I wouldn't otherwise buy on day one.

PixelGateUk1526d ago

I always remember finding out about Bloody Roar via a demo disc. Game made little to no sense but god damn was it fun

LaWiiG1526d ago

Favorite: PS1 samplers. I played the Spyro one because my family was poor, but the magazines were awesome!

PixelGateUk1526d ago

Shout out to the forgotten purple dragon of old!

jerethdagryphon1526d ago

5 dollars for mag you got hours out of demos

NarooN1526d ago

Man those OPM and PlayStation Underground discs were amazing. I still have a shit-load of my PS2 demo discs but hardly any of the PS1 ones sadly.

The_GameBolt1526d ago

Oh man demo discs! I can't remember which Spyro I played with my first demo disc, but it was awesome

PixelGateUk1526d ago

I spent hours on the Skateboard section that was on a demo disc packed with a magazine. I never bought the game in the end, but kept playing the damn demo for months :P

madcowzz1526d ago

I remember the good ol days of collecting game magazines and getting hyped on upcoming releases. I must have had over 40 of these demo discs before my subscriptions ran out and played the crap out of a lot of them.

Great times. I miss those days

PixelGateUk1526d ago

I remember buying certain issues purely for the games on the demo disc. Nightmare creatures and Croc 2 for example...bit of a weird combo I know

nevin11526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

I was a fan of demo disc too.

But what happened to demos this gen?

I mean for the must part, the 360/PS3 era had demos of top games. I'm not seeing it for the PS4/Xone.

PixelGateUk1526d ago

Oh you still get them, but they've been renamed 'betas' and are offered as pre-order rewards

NarooN1526d ago

The sad truth, really.

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