Rise of the Tomb Raider - PC Recommended Requirements Revealed, Confirmation Of Denuvo Tech

Rise of the Tomb Raider releases in a couple of days and its recommended requirements have just been unveiled via the game's Windows store page.

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DarkOcelet1535d ago

It seems all developers will be using Denuvo Tech in their future games.

PixelGateUk1535d ago

It's a genuinely worrying thought to be honest

DarkOcelet1535d ago

Not everyone will agree with you.

I dont like the idea of the Denovu Tech leaving files on my PC after uninstalling. I don't like that at all.

Sometimes i feel like people who pirate games gets the better game in the end.

ninsigma1535d ago

Yeah I don't like the sound of leaving files behind at all. I assume there's a way to clean that up though??

The annoying thing is pirates going around saying this is exactly why they pirate because of crappy practices like this but these practices are emerging due to piracy before these were even in place. They pirate, legit users get anti consumer rubbish forced on their games and the pirates claim they're doing the right thing anyway.

assdan1534d ago

No, you pirate games because you're a cheap f*** lol. Why do I buy my games? First off, it's not worth the hassle. Second, I like to support the company whose product I'm using.

ninsigma1534d ago

Ummmm I don't pirate games and I never said I did....

OoglyBoogly1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

I don't like the fact that retro gaming on PC is possibly dead. If these servers shut down at some point in the future (which they will) you can say bye to playing this game in a number of years. I don't care for that at all really.


Easy to say that but the latest version has yet to be cracked (Just Cause 3) and according to those trying there's a good chance it can't be. Not saying it's impossible but so far no good.

"By the time these games will become Retro they will either be cracked or have a DRM free version available on"

Cool, because I love having to rebuy the games I've already paid for so I can play them again.

See, this DRM provides just bad and takes away all the good.

FasterThanFTL11535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Denuvo does not stop piracy it just slows it down. Eventually anything can be cracked, its just a matter of time.

By the time these games will become Retro they will either be cracked or have a DRM free version available on

Meltic1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Fuc*ers. i dont want shitty DRM Denuvo in my system for the rest of my computers Life... stop with this bullshit.

Allso i dont want any trouble with my SSD. Many have reported SSD problems with DRM denuvo protection games...

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slappy5081535d ago

But what program doesn't leave files behind when you uninstall it? I think this problem is blown out of proportion even if the files are hidden one would eventually find a guide online where to find and remove them.

mun14371535d ago

denuve , the god damn you
Iam a poor pc gamer i can,t buy games.

Destiny10801534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

bird watching and train watching are completely free hobbies, but then again you might have to bring a packed lunch, which renders my argument worthless