Battlefield 4 player shows how to shoot down choppers from a chopper

Skill or just plain luck?

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Gaming4Life19811528d ago

Luck or not that was awesome. Bf never gets old for me, definitely my favorite military shooter.

Maddens Raiders1528d ago

This is a great weapon in the game. Any weapon in BF4 that can be handily 'mastered' by the user, can become a reliably deadly tool. This certainly looks to me like skill and possibly a smidgen of luck. It certainly isn't out of the realm of possibility to see this happening. I've been witness to incredible kills and have been killed incredibly just the same.

BF4 is not a game, but a sick, sick addiction that I just can't kick.

evergrace1528d ago

Ah this game, 2.5 years since its release and i still cant stop playing it.

jmc88881528d ago

You can also use the IGLA or RPG. Love taking out helicopters and planes from a helicopter.

Also fun taking out tanks too.