Rare working on Killer Instinct game for Xbox 360?

According to the latest edition of the UK gamesmagazine Games TM, Rare is currently working on a Killer Instinct game for the Xbox 360. Unfortunately they don't reveal their source, but they seem to be pretty sure about it:

"Also on the way is Killer Instinct 3 which, considering Rare seems to have picked up the ball recently after a somewhat disappointing 360 launch performance, is likely to be as great - and combo heavy - as we could hope."

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Balance5254d ago

let me be the first to say i hope this is true. KI on the 360 would ROCK.

malachi235254d ago

One of the best games i've played...the original was amazinG!

specialguest5254d ago

a whole new Killer Instinct would be really cool, but i wonder what it's going to be like. you know the whole combo thing was big during the 90s, but today, fighting games and the 100+ combo moves are not as exciting anymore.

Mortal Kombat tried to reinvent itself, but it just seems to become cheesy as the series progress. still, i hope the new KI revamps the whole fighting game genre this time around.

Silver3605254d ago

MS owns them and their properties

power of Green 5254d ago

Well that explains specialguest's post. KI is king.

specialguest5254d ago (Edited 5254d ago )

that doesn't even make sense. i said what it will be like, not what it will be on. where's your reading comprehension at?

likeaboss3025254d ago

What would be really cool is if it looked like the Arcade Games except rendered in Realtime 3D and cleaned up a little. Maybe even be the first native 1080p 360 game....

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The story is too old to be commented.