3DS update 10.5.30 out now

Following last week's firmware release, the 3DS has once again received another update.

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ZeekQuattro1527d ago

No doubt protection from persistent hackers.

Ruggadagod1527d ago

I have a gateway flash card bruh I can just use Emunand.

NeckBeardBSMTDweller1527d ago

yeah 10.4 was already exploited. It's not going to stop, idk why they even try.

glassgannon9091527d ago

they can stop the ones who havent already set up the piracy system.
although its nigh impossible for them to stop the ones with an emunand setup already.emunand literally uses official updates once setup and needs no patches whatsoever

Qrphe1527d ago

If this was a "security" patch it's a waste of time, the doors are fully open

NeckBeardBSMTDweller1527d ago

Sky3Ds does not depend on firmware, and Gateway now supports up to 10.3 (10.4 - 10.5 possible)

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