IGN: Mega Man 9 Story Revealed

Capcom Japan passed along a few details today on Mega Man 9's storyline, just in case you wanted to know why the Blue Bomber is busting out with the horizontal blast once again after all these years.

The story begins after Mega Man has restored peace to the world. One day, robots throughout the world go berserk and turn violent. Of course, everyone thinks this to be the work of Mega Man rival Dr. Wily... until Wily jacks into television and frames Mega Man creator Dr. Light! Soon, the police arrive and take Light to jail.

It's up to Mega Man to restore Light's honor.

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ItsDubC3714d ago

lol awesome, even the cutscenes look oldschool.

molsen813714d ago

This will only be available for the Wii right? Maybe PSN will get it eventually.

Evildoomnerd3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

Its been confirmed for all 3 of the console Bigwigs, which I find awesome because I am a huge Megaman fanboy! Why not spread that robot ass kicking love for all to enjoy? ^_^

PS360WII3713d ago

There has been confussion but it should be coming to all three. The story sounds fun too. Mega Man for the save :)

TheDeadMetalhead3713d ago

But I have to criticize them for their lame storylines. That's why I liked Megaman X better. Good storyline.

Although this storyline's looking much better than the old ones. We'll see how things go. :)

TheDeadMetalhead3713d ago

I've read this already in a Nintendo Power. Do I report it since it's old or not because Nintendo Power's a magazine?

ugh! WHAT DO I DO!?

molsen813713d ago

Cool, I want this game bad!