Xbox bill refunded after teen racked up $8K in charges to dad's dismay

A Pembroke, Ont., dad is "very pleased" that Xbox's parent company has refunded more than $8,000 in in-game purchases that his son racked up on his credit card before Christmas.

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OldGuyStillGaming1526d ago

This refund should not have happened..the teen is irresponsible and should have been forced to work to pay off his debt.

DarkOcelet1526d ago

Lets just say he learned his lesson. We don't have to be cold hearted people my friend.

OldGuyStillGaming1526d ago

I have a son and as a father I teach my boy to be responsible.

By letting this 17 year old off the hook by taking away his Xbox is not what I would call teaching a young adult a lesson.

DLConspiracy1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )


I wouldn't want to pay 8k so I would be STOKED if I had actually been refunded. I perhaps would make my son work that 8k off and tell him that this is going to your college fund. If you go to school I will use it to help you pay for it. If not. It's mine. Even if it was refunded. Just to teach him a lesson.

uptownsoul1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

I'm sorry but being from the old school, I (and everybody I knew) would have had to pay off that whole amount by getting a J...O...B. Nobody can think that this 17 year old can spend $8,000 $25/$50/$100 at a time. Even if you bought a $100 item, you would have had to do it 80 times.

Not to mention the dad gives the kid a credit card with a limit over $8,000 without knowing whether his son knows the value of a dollar...

Dad or 17 year old should have paid every cent.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1525d ago

Canadian dollar is so low he might have thought it wouldn't amount to much /S

On a serious note, the family probably isn't the brightest if they let this happen, and they should have gotten 0 refund.

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DarkOcelet1526d ago

The son had no clue, he thought it was a one time fee.

"He thought it was a one-time fee for the game," Perkins said earlier this month. "He's just as sick as I am."

Its awesome MS responded fast to this.

And while the father should teach him more responsibilities, those kind of mistakes can happen to anyone. The kid wasn't aware of his actions.

Don't tell me you believe anyone in his right mind would spend 8k on a game unless He/She are filthy rich.

OldGuyStillGaming1526d ago

Of course he would say he wasn't aware he was being charged... This is a "17 year old kid" we're talking about here not a 5 year old!

Are you telling me at 17 years old you didn't know what you were doing while playing games or extra charges?

At 17 I had my own car and banking accounts and my first job.

Sorry but I don't see the good in this story

cartoonx11525d ago

a 17 year old is a mature person already. even a 7 year old current generation gamer know what are in-app purchases and how they work.

Erik73571526d ago

Yea, I dont understand how you "accidently" spend 8k, espeically when your not a little kid.

In the end the father would of end up paying for it, not the teenager so I think it was a good move by microsoft and would of been a pr disaster if the father made a big deal about it if they had not refunded....

3-4-51525d ago

Some people really are that dumb.

Kribwalker1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

The dad is an idiot blaming Xbox. There are safeguards in place man, don't give your kids a credit card and then teach them some responsibility and accountability instead of blaming others for your lack of parenting

nowitzki20041526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )


I was kind of agreeing with you in original post, but then when you said "17 year old" I was fully on board with you. If the kid was 8 or something but 17!!! god damn, you should know by that age.

Dabigsiebowski1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

Don't be such a dork. The kid is the idiot obviously and a scoundrel but are they really expecting the middle class citizen to pay 8'000 dollars? That's just horrid for anyone and blame the shady company that allow these kids with games to slap gambling habits in their face. YOU DONT BUY THE CARD YOU WANT ITS RANDOM NO MATTER THE QUALITY. It's this mindset that EA, 2k, Activision, and Ubisoft are known for but especially bad in sports games where you don't have control over the dlc you get. It's the most form of scumbaggish things of gaming today next to DRM.
I give M$ a lot of flack but I would say thank you just knowing the fact they did the right thing.

Kid is a scumbag and isn't educated to well on money.
Dad is a victim.

I would suggest keeping kids from playing madden and fifa until EA pull's there head out of their ass and makes a better game rather than designing one built to agg on buying bs card packs. Game quality goes down when they realize a ton of people like getting great players for their "Ultimate Team"..give me a break and it's not like all that money you spent the previous years gets applied to next years version... Just throwing money down a drain that EA and the other ugly ass publishers are soaking up with these tactics.

cartoonx11525d ago

while i agree with rest of stuff u wrote, im not sure why are u calling him a "kid" lol, coz a 17+ year is a mature person here lol

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Neonridr1526d ago

What was he buying in Fifa? those stupid in game purchases for cards or whatever?

jcnba281526d ago

FIFA points to purchase packs

no_more_heroes1526d ago

How does one "accidentally" spend $8000+ when you are asked for a confirmation before each purchase?

That kid is lying. He's old enough to know exactly what he's doing.

Ashlen1526d ago

It's a joke to say a 17 year old kid which mind you is an adult in many places was unaware of how these charges work. There are pop ups and warnings all over the place. And no it shouldn't have been refunded.

But the real crime here is that in a $60 game someone can even spend $8,000. FIFA was a profitable game franchise when you got everything for $60.

Neonridr1526d ago

Agree totally. I could understand if in-app purchases were sort of new, or the kid was 10.

But these things have been around for years now, and like you said, kids nowadays are so technically savvy.

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The story is too old to be commented.