RBI Baseball 16: Cover Athlete & New Features

RBI Baseball 16 cover athlete announced and a pile of new features from the upcoming arcade Baseball simulator. Also have the pricing information along a new screenshot from the game.

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ScorpiusX1527d ago

What a waste of time & money

spaceg0st1527d ago

Not really, have you actually played this against friends? Pretty fun for couch co op. I've had more fun co op-wise with last years rbi than any 'the show' games. Really glad the diving mechanic is going in

ScorpiusX1527d ago

Not a fan of couch co-op prefer jump in jump out co-op .

skycaptin51527d ago

I too enjoy these games. I know they're not a full fledged Baseball sim, but they provide a decently fun arcade experience to play every once and awhile