Former Mass Effect Andromeda Director Moves to Work on H1Z1, Teases “Plenty to Talk About”

Back in December, Former Mass Effect Andromeda Development Director Chris Wynn left Bioware, and the development of the upcoming space RPG, and today you learn about his new creative home.

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Walter_Official1531d ago

What ever happened to H1Z1 being released during holiday 2015??

Abriael1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

I guess that might be part of the "Plenty" he has to talk about.

I tried it at the beginning of early access, and decided to set it aside until it's more polished. Maybe I'll check it out again soon.

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TorpeAlex1531d ago

It's too bad the 'plenty to talk about' hasn't been talked about for over a year now. Sony's marketing department is just throwing games into the public whenever and seeing what sticks. Whatever happened to Rime?

elitethinker1531d ago

Looks like no one likes free to play game anymore

Shu_Suzuki1531d ago

Are there still zombies in H1Z1??

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