New Destiny Nightstalker Glitch Has Been Found

A Destiny player details and shows off a brand new gamebreaking bug that allows Nightstalker Hunters the ability to shoot while performing a shadestep roll.

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xHeavYx1528d ago

It is a glitch yes, but a GAMEBREAKING glitch? Come on.

emad-E-three1528d ago

Imo calling it gamebreaking is only to get more views.

ZaWarudo1528d ago

It absolutely is game breaking if we're talking PvP. Being able to close the gap and fire a shotty at the same time would break PvP.
Not as game breaking as the infinite shadow shot glitch, but still bad.

kayoss1527d ago

I always thought that this was part of the shade step. I've been doing this since the TTK came out and i just thought you can cancel shade step mid way and shoot. The problem is that its you wont able to do it consistently and the aiming is horrible.