Developer Shares Details on NX Indie Game

While we have had plenty of hints that some games could come to the NX, like Square Enix’s Dragon Quest XI, no games have yet been confirmed for Nintendo’s mysterious, unannounced console. Nor have we had any idea whether development kits have been sent out. A Facebook post for indie game Puzzlebox Setup has introduced some intriguing new hints, however.

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EricWeichhart1527d ago

It is interesting that the first game announced to be developed for the NX is in fact an indie game.

I wonder if this means indie developers already have access to development kits.

I'm kinda curious about the controller now .-.

DragonDDark1527d ago

Wasn't that Dragon Quest XI?

DiscoKid1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

Yea Dragon Quest XI was said to be on NX long ago. That game looks gorgeous already.

EricWeichhart1527d ago

Oh right, both Dragon Quest X and XI were announced for NX... my bad lol

DarkZane1527d ago

Actually, they said it was under consideration.

Nintentional1526d ago

Right after they flat out accidentally announced it was coming for NX lol.

3-4-51526d ago

Nintendo sent out Dev kits for the NX last was already confirmed.

Indie games don't take as long to make so I would assume NX will have Main Nintendo titles + indies at launch with more 3rd party larger games within 12 months of launch.

wonderfulmonkeyman1527d ago

“Because of the controls you will be able to use 8 different colors instead of 4… which opens possibilities to completely different pictures and modes for NX Version.”

Soooo....4 different colors per screen?
I'm hoping that means BC with Wii U is confirmed, at the very least.

DC7771527d ago

"Bplus also revealed that user-made levels will be cross platform across Steam and NX."

VERY interesting.

ExiledBlitz1527d ago

If this story is legitimate and they're already sending out dev kits to trusted indie developers, I think there's a really good chance the NX is indeed being released in late 2016. Maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part. At least we know it will be revealed this year.

Question is: will Nintendo wait to reveal at E3 or drop a bomb in a surprise Nintendo Direct?

Neonridr1527d ago

well Microsoft did the whole reveal and release in the same calendar year with the original Xbox. So it isn't out of the realm of possibility. However I believe the Xbox was revealed at GDC in March. Hard to think they could do a June reveal at E3 and then say available holiday 2016. But it could be.

wonderfulmonkeyman1527d ago

Well, XBox had the benefit of third parties covering them with AAA mutliplats.

With the NX, we don't know if that's a given or not yet, and given the past two consoles, I don't think it's likely, so I don't think Nintendo would release this year when they have yet to show that they've got a line-up strong enough to cover things.

I'm still betting on early 2017, or even mid.
Not just for Nintendo's sake, either; I don't ever want to see something as stupid as CoD releasing without any of the DLC maps.
Stupidity like that, which only harms sales, should never, never, NEVER happen again, if Nintendo and third parties want multiplats to gain ANY ground on Nintendo's home consoles.

Neonridr1527d ago

@wonderfulmonkeyman - it isn't out of the realm of possibility that third party devs could have ports of current popular titles available for launch much like the Wii U's launch library.

Could you imagine the NX launching later this year with a couple of franchise titles (Metroid or Mario) along with some AAA titles like Just Cause 3, Fallout 4, Black Ops 3, Witcher 3.. (just throwing names out obviously). If the NX architecture is in line with what the others have then it won't be too hard for them to do some quick and easy ports.

RedCloud881526d ago

All three xboxes were launched in the year they were revealed.

wonderfulmonkeyman1527d ago

I can almost promise you that it'll be at E3.
When's the last time Nintendo unveiled a home console outside of E3 or another similarly big event, after all?

bass4g1526d ago

The thing is though, that was before nintendo directs. They used to announce stuff at spaceworld so they could do something similar with the NX. The only systems that were revealed at e3 are the DS and Wii lines which nintendo has said they're trying to distance themselves from so it would make sense for them to do something different this time.

filchron1526d ago

Another Spaceworld would be EPIC but yeah, those days are long gone:/ so it'll have to be at E3. @bass4g remember the AWESOME non kiddy tech demo for the Legend of Zelda gamecube reimagining we got at spaceworld 2000? IDK about the rest of you but it still runs circles around twilight princess and absolutely OBLITERATES wind waker in the immersion/hardcore style departments. The weak LoZ tech demo they showcased for the WiiU's debut all but sealed Nintendo's fate that gen in my opinion.

MachuchalBrotha3161527d ago

Im thinking if Indies have them, probably major deva also but keeping hush hush about it. Lets see what happens. Cant wait for reveal.

bass4g1526d ago

If the NX releases this year then we'll probably know within the coming months. Given the amount of speculation around the new system I think it'd be a mistake not to capitalise on that by releasing the system asap (even if i'd personally prefer another year of wiiu). The PS4 was announced in the february of the year that it came out so if the nx is to be successful AND release this year then it should be given a minor announcement next month with a full reveal at e3. Xboxone I believe was revealed a month before e3 on the year it released but I think nintendo needs the extra time to build hype. We know that a nintendo direct should probably be coming in the next month so my guess is that we'll see something from the NX then.

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