Op-Ed: Is it time for Call of Duty to drop the Campaign all together?

PSGamer: I was there when “Soap” McTavish took down Zakhaev. I was there, at the Battle of Stalingrad, when Dimitri did his best “Enemy at The Gates” impression. I was there when Roach sprung Captain Price from the gulag. I was there when Mason thought he was losing his marbles. I was there for “No Russian“. I was there when Woods had a jam with Avenge Sevenfold. I was even there for Call of Doggy, Ghosts (Riley FTW) and I was there to “Press Square to Feel” with Kevin Spacey. All told, I’ve played through the campaign of 10 Call of Duty games, dating back to 2005 and spanning multiple console generations.

What I won’t be there for though is the Black Ops III campaign.

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crazychris41241532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

I thought the campaign for the black ops 3 was pretty good. Did start to drag towards the end and most of the 1st and last missions are annoying. It was better than last year's campaign with kevin spacey who was the best thing about it.

76erz241531d ago

Not a chance. Black Ops 3's campaign is dull and lacks and story cohesion or general reasons to care. Advanced Warfares campaign on the other hand was easily the best COD campaign since at least the first Black Ops. It had fun set pieces a good villain in Kevin Spacey, a far superior (more defined) future then BO3 and a better flow to its events. BO3's campaign is the worst in the series outside of Ghosts imo.

Relientk771532d ago

No, they have good campaigns

Walter_Official1532d ago

Why? Then people will complain about the lack of content.

KyRo1531d ago

One thing you cannot say about BO3 is lack of content. The game puts a lot of other FPS to shame.

ZaWarudo1531d ago

People seems to like them.

They put me to sleep though.

_LarZen_1531d ago

It's been stated again and again from the developers that their data says many are buying and playing COD mainly for the campaign.

Personally I buy the COD games for the campaign and the multiplayer is a bonus I use 10-30h on before I get bored and quit.

I would never buy a COD game that just has multiplayer.

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The story is too old to be commented.