Rise of the Tomb Raider Pre-Load Is Live On Steam, Smaller Download Than Xbox One

Rise of the Tomb Raider is now available for pre-load on Steam. It will be released on January 28th but if you have pre-ordered the game, you can pre-load it ahead of the official launch and play it as soon as it unlocks on Steam.

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NeckBeardBSMTDweller1528d ago

Just started the preload. Cant wait for the full experience! Enjoyed what I played on XB1

Aeery1528d ago

Downloading ... Can't wait!

Kurisu1528d ago

Enjoy! I completed it yesterday. A nice sequel to the reboot. I've still got a lot of tombs to go back and look for.

ScorpiusX1528d ago

Stomach turns every time i hear that sites name .

Kurisu1528d ago

My stomach turns when Lara speaks. Her VA is pretty bad in the reboot.

ScorpiusX1528d ago

Sadly its the same VA from the first reboot . lol

ONESHOTV21528d ago

i get it free with my eva 970 superclocked in 2 days that is lol