'Destiny' Malaise 2016 Got You Down? Here Are Other Games To Try

INQ: So Destiny won't make its September 2016 release and possibly miss 2016 altogether, if reports are to be believed. Meanwhile, Bungie's efforts to keep PlayStation and Xbox players engaged through small-ish events in lieu of larger content releases is quickly wearing thin on the fan base. Don't let the great Destiny malaise of 2016 get you down, though. There are other upcoming and current titles that can help fill the void.

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GrimDragon1527d ago

Iam truly amazed at the dedication and patience of the destiny obsessed. Wonder if they will ever find out there's a pretty cool world of great games out there to be enjoyed. I can't imagine being so angry and depressed about a game I put above all else that failed to deliver on everything and yet can't let it go. I will say a prayer for these poor souls over dinner tonight.

holdmyown831527d ago

We feel just as bad for people still going out of the way to talk about a game they don't even play. We'll pray for you while we enjoy this game AND the many others we seem interested in.

pompombrum1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

Lol! Gotta admit I don't know how they do it either. I got the ps4 version a month before HoW dropped there are people I met and played with back then who have continuously played Destiny almost exclusively since then up until today... each to their own I guess, in a way I'm jealous that they've found a game they love so much not to mention all the money they save by missing all the other great games that have came out in the last 12 months.

ABizzel11527d ago


I still play Destiny, and I still play plenty of other games. Outside of the n4g bubble, there are plenty of us who play multiple games on multiple platforms and enjoy them. Everyone has their preference, and I was a Destiny complainer and still am to a degree, but the core is solid, it just shouldn't cost $180 to get a full game, and thankfully I didn't have to pay for the majority of the game.


I find it funny that the Division is the lead game choice in this article, and there have been SEVERAL articles talking about now's the time to leave Destiny and go to the Division, or in this case listing several games, but making sure to start with the Division.

Ubisoft is putting in overtime on this campaign lol.

Gwiz1527d ago

It does have addicting mechanics but there's so many good games out there.