Check Out this Perfect Replica of Valhalla Forged in Halo 5

Valhalla is arguably one of the most iconic maps from Halo 3. Now, through the power of Forge, players can play custom games on its replica, Halvalla on Halo 5.

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Orejillz1528d ago

that's some serious skill

Player3Podcast1528d ago

Just watching this video brought back memories of some of my best Halo games when I was in college.

Septic1528d ago

Serious talent right there. I can't imagine how long it took him to make that map.

Give him a job 343!

Halo4isTrash1528d ago

There has been tonnes of Map remakes on forge, Every map in halo 1 & 2 have already been remade & look so close/same as the original, this remake isn't any different. that is because these forgers have set the bar so high.

Zotaku871528d ago

I feel like "Making things in Halo 5" is quickly becoming the new "Making things in Minecraft" which honestly is a huge testament to the amount of customization available in Halo 5's forge mode.

OoglyBoogly1528d ago

Despite the fact you can't, apparently, add water anywhere...which seems very odd for a map maker.

Halo4isTrash1528d ago

also, you can't use these maps in firefight, oh wait Halo 5 does not have that yet, hopefully they add it.

Septic1528d ago

What do you mean not add water? Like accessible water areas? There is a stream in that map like in Valhalla?

OoglyBoogly1528d ago


Did you watch the video? It's not water, It's glass that they tried to make look like water because you can't add water. So no it's technically not a stream.

Also like that some downvoted an absolute fact lol! N4G logic.

Septic1528d ago

Is that glass? I keep watching it (at work) and it looks like water (0:17).

Ah okay fair enough. Yeah they need to add that. Overall its still a beastly forge mode.

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Paytaa1528d ago

Wow. The new Forge is too complicated for me to put the time into it to figure it out but man seeing these creations makes me wish I had the talent.

Can't wait for community maps to make it into the rotation.

Erik73571528d ago

They HAVE to add this map to the social big team playlist.

They also need to add the last resort remake to slayer, it actually looks better than the original!!!

PerfidiousSinn1528d ago

Thank goodness for these Forge masters who are making new maps,because I'll surely never do it.

Player3Podcast1528d ago

The thought of even starting to try to accomplish this makes my head hurt.

SquillieDeeWilliams1527d ago

I convinced myself that I could make a map because I built a settlement in FO4, boy was I wrong!!! I quit after 5 mins, way to much math for my brain!!

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