Yakuza Kiwami PS4 vs Yakuza PS2 Screenshot Comparison: This is How Remakes Should be (Re)Made

Howe many times have you seen people commenting on remakes, remasters or even new games and saying “it looks like a PS2 game?” Most of the times, those memories of the PS2 are painted by the rose-tinted glass of nostalgia, and those games don’t look like PS2 titles at all.

A few days ago, Sega released Yakuza Kiwami, which is indeed the remake of a PS2 game, Yakuza. The first, glorious game of the series was already remastered in high definition as part of a compilation with Yakuza 2 for Wii U and PS3, but now you’re looking at something completely different.

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Kamikaze1353046d ago

Looks really good. I hope it gets an English release.

never4get3046d ago

PS2 version still looks Great, Yakuza Kiwami PS4 still looks like it runs on PS3 engine and use little of PS4 full power. Hope SEGA upgrade their game engine.

mikeslemonade3046d ago

First positive thing Sega has done in a decade.

Mr Pumblechook3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

I don't know why I keep looking. I want the game but there aren't any subtitles and Sega have said nothing on whether it is being localised for the West.

Maddens Raiders3046d ago

My God, this is fkn rad.

Sega please remake

Space Harrier

Afterburner &


& I'll never leave my house again.

Wallstreet373045d ago


Damn Space Harrier was dope and the other games you mentioned, nostalgia.

Maddens Raiders3045d ago

Thank you WallStreet. Yes, I know people love to move forward as do I, but I believe there is something to be said about remaking classics that we loved and were well made and successful and FUN back then.

Whats better than bringing all that back with even more flare with today's technology to allow an entirely new generation to enjoy what so many others did in the past, not to mention bringing all of the original fans back into the fold? All of this is simply my opinion. Again, thanks for you kind words.

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3-4-53046d ago

Oh that was a remake ? of what the first one ?

I'd thought it was the new one but that is Yakuza 6 then right ?

I've always known of this series but never played since I've never owned a Sony console.

Looks like an awesome series though.

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MoveTheGlow3046d ago

Me too! I haven't been interested in much from Yakuza since 2, and this looks like a great remake of a great game.

If they could only do the same thing to JSRF, now...

kraenk123045d ago (Edited 3045d ago )

The fact that they released Y5 in the west is a sign Kiwami will get a release as well imho.

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Whirlwind_Fanfare_083046d ago

I'm importing this if it don't get localized!