Here’s How To Access The Division’s Beta On PS4 Without Paying Anything

GS: "Many of you want to take part in this closed beta, but you can’t as the beta requires a key that can be earned by pre-ordering the game or through some giveaways. If somehow you didn’t pre-order the game or didn’t got lucky enough to win one, then you can follow this guide below to get access to The Division’s Beta on PS4 without paying anything."

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Alexander1Nevermind1524d ago

Worked like a charm for me. click the extras or other link under the game after pre-ordering and get the beta. Probably won't last long.

Gearsiege1524d ago

The pre-load for beta is live on PS4?

Alexander1Nevermind1524d ago

If you pre-ordered legitimately(or the way listed above-which I did) then look for the extras tab under the game tab in the Euro PS Store.

XisThatKid1524d ago

I've been signed up since 2014 according to Ubisoft customer support. So I guess I'm not getting in the BETA.

uptownsoul1524d ago


Where is the extras tab that your talking about?

Ceaser98573611524d ago

BETA preload live for XBOX ONE on 26th and 27th for PS4 and PC

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roostermoans1524d ago


Where is this extras/other option you speak of?

Alexander1Nevermind1524d ago

FYI I'm going thru the PS4 and not the web....Once pre-ordered, on the game page (TC The Division page on the PS Store) you will see the picture of the game, the pre-ordered status underneath and Overview, Bundles Extras/add-ons underneath that. that's the tab I clicked and extras(or something similar is where I clicked to get the Beta.

frankiebeans1524d ago

I dont see extras maybe they took it down?

Alexander1Nevermind1524d ago

Yeah I figured they would catch on quickly and remove it but you can still pre order and when the beta drops cancel your euro order.

majorw21523d ago

I just did this on the UK PSN store and it worked for me. Did the preorder and pay (doesn't take any payment now), then wen't back to the game page and in the Extra's section below the game, the BETA link was then there. Once that's downloaded, you can go back into Settings - PSN Account - Wallet - Transaction History - Find the PreOrder that you just did and you have the option to Cancel the PreOrder (since no payment was made yet).

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starrman19851524d ago

You can also pre-order it on Amazon, wait for the code to be emailed (took around 2 minutes) and then cancel your pre-order.

This will work for Xbox One too.

PSN_ZeroOnyx1523d ago

Considering the beta available on the NA PSN store when you preorder the game, is there a specific reason why a UK account is required?

Liqu1d1523d ago

For some reason the UK store doesn't require any payment method at all.

PSN_ZeroOnyx1523d ago

Thank you for explaining that Liqu1d

roostermoans1523d ago

Yeah I actually had to come back out and type search The Division and the beta comes up as a separate download. Works 100% :-)

Channel-Live1523d ago

People that actually pay for games and want this game dont have to cheat the pre-order to get something for nothing.

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slinky1234561524d ago

How do I cancel the pre-order?

I just did all the steps and pre-ordered it but idk about canceling it later after I download it.

Alexander1Nevermind1524d ago

FYI I got this word for word from another site that shall not be named but credit goes to Dan 27.

OK. For PS4 clarification:

Pre-order the title. It will start downloading the beta.

Then go into: Settings -> PSN -> Account Information -> Wallet

Select: Transaction History.

Select: Next

You should see a Product Purchase in the amount of UK/Euro 0.00 from the date you preordered. Click on that Purchase entry

Select: Cancel Pre-order

Crazywhitie1524d ago

I'm not see the beta download.

frankiebeans1524d ago

i dont see it either but I did everything it says

Gearsiege1524d ago

You will see the beta once it has been made live. You have got registered for it if you did the things the guide says. Now you will be able to download the beta without any problem.

Crazyglues1524d ago

No I had this same problem but I forgot what I did but you have to scroll down or something and you see the beta download...

I'm downloading it now... so you don't have to wait, it's there right now... after you pre-order I just can't remember what I did but it's there now.. sorry I can't remember, my brain is fail..

-But it's there now for download /I'm downloading it now..

frankiebeans1524d ago

how do i play because its locked on my American account?

kaizokuspy1524d ago

The ps4 version is an open beta. Why bother going through the hassle of this?

frankiebeans1524d ago

its not you must receive a code from preorder or other means to get it.

TheJacksonRGN1524d ago

Because it is a closed beta on all platforms.

kaizokuspy1524d ago

My mistake, read the lies on flip board :(
Signed up for the waiting list but who am I kidding. I'll own this game anyways. It will be the hot game from March until the holidays or vr.

trywizardo1524d ago

awesome , i will try this right now :)

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