Star Wars Battlefront: For people who are shocking at shooters

Star Wars Battlefront is no Halo or Destiny. And nor should it be. It's a game for the rest of us.

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slappy5081536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

And I still get my ass handed to me in a lot of matches. I just suck at shooters period -_-

Aenea1536d ago

kinda depends with me really. When both teams are equally matched it's fun as heck, when one team is a hell of a lot better and you're on the losing side is no fun...

Just lost a game horribly, had 21 kills (18 deaths, way too many), top of my team, even though I didn't exactly play all that well. The top scorer on the opposing team had 60+ kills and he wasn't the only one with a massive amount of them, we were shredded, plain and simple!

creeping judas1536d ago

@slappy, same here, but I sure do have fun playing them though. But I will blame age and lag, for suckiness at FPS online!!

slappy5081536d ago

True it is still fun! I mean pretty close to the level that unlocks Han Solo's pistol, which seems to be the culprit that kills me the most. Definately will play this more if the DLCs drop more maps and weapons

Aenea1536d ago

What game are you 'shocking' at? *shakes head*

Someone could use an English dictionary...

theloudprotagonist1536d ago

Shocking is a British English idiom for "very bad" by the way...

Aenea1535d ago

Yeah I know, but never ever heard of 'being shocking at'...

die_fiend1535d ago


So you know, but you've never heard it? So how do you know? Hate to break it to you pal, but your English is shocking!

die_fiend1535d ago

@ Aenea

Before you shake your head too vigorously...the only person who appears to need an English dictionary would be you. Take it from someone who's English.

OldDanNew1535d ago

I'm evidently shocking at writing article titles! 😥

Aenea1534d ago

I know shocking means 'very bad' in certain instances, just have never seen or hear anyone use it in this way.

If I would have written the headline and tried to do something similar I would have used 'shockingly bad'...

But hey, English is not my native language, so I have a perfect excuse :p

ninsigma1536d ago

Nice read. It's the perfect game to just jump on and play for a bit without getting too serious about it. I enjoy the game for what it is and have no regrets buying it. It's also brilliant for new players because the gameplay is extremely easy and they give you a decent gun right at the start of the game (I still use the e-11 and I'm nearing rank 40 and have all the weapons). Fun game all round with plenty to do.