Top 10 Donkey Kong games

Negative World says: "We’ve done practically every other Nintendo franchise with at least 10 entries at this point (actually probably not even close, but whatever), it’s time for Donkey Kong! One of Nintendo’s oldest living franchises, Donkey Kong is still cranking out the hits. Sure, the franchise spawned the Super Mario games, which went on to become much more successful than the Donkey Kong games ever did, but don’t write off the big ape! There are many great Donkey Kong games in the Nintendo library to check out, maybe even more than you realize!"

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PhoenixUp1708d ago

Donkey Kong IS Nintendo's longest living franchise

FallenAngel19841708d ago

This article gets it. So many people don't realize or don't want to realize that the Super Mario franchise is a spinoff from the Donkey Kong franchise.

gamerz1708d ago

Doesn't include "Donkey Kong Jr." It has fun vine-climbing mechanics and makes Mario the villain!

The #3 game on the list "Donkey Kong Country Returns" is ported to the 3DS and is excellent if you like the series. Come to think of it, DKJr is also on the 3DS (virtual console) and is on sale this week.

jcnba281708d ago

Diddy's Kong Quest is definitely my favourite, the music alone was amazing.

Geobros1708d ago

Me too. I find that list very bad but its a personal opinion.