The Division PC Leaks Aren't Actually @ Maxed Settings: NVIDIA Effects Are Missing

The leaks showing the PC version of The Division didn't actually feature maxed settings, since NVIDIA's HBAO+ and PCSS effects are currently missing due to bugs. A NVIDIA driver should be released in time for the beginning of the beta to fix this.

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Chris_Wray1525d ago

Hmm. Well, we'll see. It's about right though, a Ubisoft game not looking as good as it was shown - I think that's only been every Ubisoft game in the past 5 years now.

Whether the person on Reddit is telling the truth or not, and it's likely some things are missing, there's no doubt in my mind that the visuals will be significantly worse than shown and a Ubisoft rep will spout some bollocks about visuals not mattering. They don't, but the company shouldn't get away with misrepresenting games.

SnotyTheRocket1525d ago

Unity and Syndicate looked the same. As well as Far Cry 4.

Allsystemgamer1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

Unity's initial reveal looked better than the final game. I remember watching unity reveal and being blown away saying this looked amazing. Then it came out, and while still looking good, I wasn't blown away. Syndicate I agree on you with.

kraenk121525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )


Unity's reveal was a CGI movie not gameplay though. Sure it looked better.

Unspoken1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

Ubisoft attempted to deliver on the graphical side of things to mimic their reveal for Unity but hardware was not up to snuff. Gamers began crying about performance issues and then began blaming Ubisoft for not "optimizing" what did Ubi do? Lowered settings-"optimized" in this case, (which gets labeled downgrading) so they could be playable on consoles, and PC.

So they either release the game with all it's settings turned on high, as the Unity engine can produce some great visuals, or they tone it down to be playable on current consoles. Good job guys.

frostypants1524d ago

Game companies have been misrepresenting games in pre-release media (and even bullshots on game boxes) for decades. It's not new and there's no reason to single out Ubisoft.

Unspoken1524d ago

Right? It's just that they have switched over to using the in game engine instead of full on CGI. It is a little misleading but it's understandable if there are cuts made as long as they release information claiming they wont be including feature x, y, and z.

kaiserfranz1525d ago

I still keep my hope that on my 4K display, with everything at Ultra, it will look almost as glorious as it did at E3 2013...

Neonridr1525d ago

I think that ship has sailed, but granted with all your bells and whistles it should look pretty darn nice.

Alexious1525d ago

That's the gist of it, basically. It should be one of the best looking games regardless of any downgrade debate.

ninsigma1525d ago

Are they using 4K textures for this game??

Aenea1525d ago

Dunno, probably not in the beta tho...

Alexious1525d ago

It seems likely. They're even supporting multiGPU (CrossFire/SLI) even in the beta.

ninsigma1525d ago

Yeah I wouldn't expect to see it in the beta either.

That's cool on sli and crossfire. Especially when certain games don't support it even after release....

kraenk121525d ago

The difference is in the immense detail the reveal trailer way they kept that level over the whole game and it is understandable.

solar1525d ago

that hope is dead mate. get the shovel, you have to dispose of the body.

frostypants1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

What GPU on the market that could run a game like this at ultra in 4K at an acceptable FPS? Are you sure you aren't actually running games at 2K?

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ccgr1525d ago

Can't wait to see it for myself!

Aenea1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

Wow, really? The beta which isn't the final game doesn't have all the effects on and might have lower textures to save download time isn't looking like the final game?

Who knew!?


ion6661524d ago

I don't remember any beta looking better on release. I do believe in what you see is what you get apart from game play mechanics being tweeked. Please let me know of a game looking way better after a beta and I'll give you a bubble.

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