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Hey Poor Player's Francis DiPersio writes - "I’ve always been a sucker for games that allow me to get lost in the vastness of space. Ever since the first time I fired up Star Voyager on the NES, the appeal of exploring uncharted galaxies, dog-fighting ruthless space pirates and blazing my path through space’s inky black expanse has been undeniable. Since then, we’ve seen countless other games seek to capture the thrill of navigating perilous intergalactic frontiers, allowing armchair space jockeys to turn the cosmos into their own virtual playgrounds. Now, Double Damage Games, the studio headed by the creators of the infectious Torchlight and Diablo series, are trying their hands at capturing the thrill of space exploration with Rebel Galaxy. Wearing its Serenity-shaped heart on its sleeve, this epic space western promises players a world of freedom as they smuggle, mine and shoot their way through a star system teeming with adventure. The total package is certainly ambitious, but does it all come together into one cogent space opera experience, or is Rebel Galaxy merely lost in space?"

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derkasan1527d ago

Looks like an ambitious game.

dead_pixels1527d ago

I'd love to see what Double Damage could do with a followup the irons out some of the game's kinks.

Rob72741527d ago

Nice review.
I'll be picking this up at some point soon.
I haven't played a game like this for some time so it will be a nice change.