The Division Improvements From Alpha To Beta, More Than 10,000 Bugs Have Been Fixed

GS: "An Aplha test for The Division was held back in December 2015 on the Xbox One in which a lot of players took part and gave their feedback to Ubisoft. Through that feedback, the developers have fixed more than 10,000 bugs that were spotted in the Alpha Test."

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bwoodling1535d ago

10,000 out of how many more? I could shovel a pound of shit out of 500 more pounds and it's still a pile of shit not resolved. Not saying this game will be shit, I expect it to be awesome, but that doesn't mean anything to me.

Utalkin2me1535d ago

Yeah but are you going to keep shoveling or give up? Thats the main question.

solar1535d ago

go look at the last update for Siege. the patch notes read that they "Partially and Potentially" fixed issues with match making. who the eff cares if you might of fixed it, dont inform us of that because it means nothing, useless information to quell the ignorant.

Fix shit Ubi. the beta ran perfect for most, mostly networking issues with data centers, but after update 1.1 now all is fucked.

dont trust Ubi, i gave them another chance, i was wrong.

StoneyYoshi1534d ago

Siege plays and runs great for me. Sorry to hear its not good on your end.

Bully718son1535d ago

My hype isn't there anymore

DragonDDark1535d ago

I agree. It looks good but I think it's better if our hype level is low. We shouldn't expect more than what we will get..

Mr_GoolyPunch1535d ago

Yes it is, you big fibber!

ion6661535d ago

Why is this even being called the snowdrop engine if its missing all the effects it was flaunting in the first demo. Like the bullet holes and paint cans destruction. even some light sources are pre baked. Again to the devs dont write checks your a$$ cant cash. My hype is super low for Ghost recon wildlands. These guys are selling snake oil.

_-EDMIX-_1535d ago

I mean.....have you even read anything regarding the situation or you just read comments?

" its missing all the effects it was flaunting in the first demo"

" games are running on target hardware before debuting"

"My hype is super low for Ghost recon wildlands"

Well its not in target render on PC's that are near the specs of consoles.

They have devkits for PS4 and XONE now.

Same with For Honor.

I mean...if you even read what the issue was with titles like Witcher 3, Watchdogs, The Division etc, you'd know it was due to running on target renders before final builds where done due to not having final hardware at the time of showing.

That doesn't apply with For Honor or Ghost Recon Wildlands as both have been shown fully 100% playable...

Mind you, they are not using footage from its 2013 debut to sell the current build.

You have videos of alphas, betas and Ubisoft showing its own screens and videos.

I'm sorry but you legit can't be so ignorant as to still be crying over years old footage even after the publisher is making it clear that isn't a real representation of the current build.

When did they show you 2013 footage to sell you the game coming in March though? I one from that publisher is just releasing footage of that build telling you thats CURRENT or FINAL build.

MachuchalBrotha3161535d ago

I'm embarrassed to call myself a gamer. How did I not know about Ghost Recon Wildlands. I'll be back later gonna do some google and youtube research on the game. You got alot of disagree but I'm giving you a bubble thingy for helpful.

ion6661535d ago

Man someone is sipping that kool-aid super slow. The ubisoft cult is real.

ASSASSYN1535d ago

Well said and totally agree. I shall grant you a bubble also.

_-EDMIX-_1534d ago

I've been following some stuff on Ghost Recon Wildlands since its announcement, seen some dev dairies on it and heard some feed back from gamers who played it.

Thanks for the bubbles and never mind the disagrees, someone actually made a series of accounts to disagree with members they don't agree with, evident on why you don't see much comments to disagree's ratio lolz.

The situation makes logical sense, Ubisoft are not the only ones that did this and I only find it wrong if they are using the same footage currently to sell a game. THAT is wrong, period, but that isn't the case with this game or even Watchdogs.

@ion-irrelevant and pretty much a immature personal attack.

I don't know what you mean bud, this issue isn't exclusive to Ubisoft.

Its way AC Syndicate didn't have the same issue and titles like Ghost Recon Wildlands and For Honor are actually fully playable and have been played by many.

I mean actually read why such a thing happened before jumping to some conclusion that it was some sort of trick.

Did Sony use the Killzone 2 footage first shown to market it 6 months before it released?

Did CDPR use the SAME footage when Witcher 3 was FIRST shown to show it just before release?

Did Ubisoft Watchdogs or The Division currently?

Sooooooo where is the wrong doing? That is like saying 2K is wrong to show Borderlands in a new concept because they originally showed something else.

At the end of the day, the mismarketing, false advertising, misrepresentation etc is based on if they are using such footage to market the game in its current state.

The reality is....we are seeing footage by Ubisoft JUST like we saw footage from CDPR to confirm any um "downgrade". We are not playing a final version that is showing us this, they are showing us this footage and gameplay BEFORE its release.

Thus how can they be in a wrong doing from footage from 2013 that they already confirmed and stated was a different and early build?

So never play Killzone 2? Never play Watchdogs? Never play Witcher 3?

I'm sorry but fair is fair. If they are telling you today this is what the current build is, thats what it is. THUS...its not misrepresenting the final build of the title.

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