Far Cry Primal, For Honor and How Ubisoft Is Beginning to Broaden Its Scope

For Honor and next month's Far Cry Primal have showcased a different side of Ubisoft's AAA output, and PSLS weighs in on why that's so important.

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DirtyPete1524d ago

I think For Honor seems fun. I don't know how much Id play it if I didn't have friends to play it with though but I do love the setting and think it looks fluid.

BassMan1251524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

It will have a singleplayer mode. The devs just confirmed it a while back.

OoglyBoogly1524d ago

Where are you getting this idea that they're broadening anything? Far Cry is still Far Cry just set in a different time period with some even MORE ridiculous elements and For Honor is a third person fighting game. Sure they might not have done something like it before but it's hardly anything new.

KarmaV121524d ago

Because people always complain that all they do is Assassin's Creed. This was written to counter that. Although they could add quite a few more in there than just those two.

MachuchalBrotha3161524d ago

Seems cant please everyone. I'm eagerly waiting on both titles.

KTF261524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

"but it's hardly anything new."

How many games did you play allow you to control the direction of your attack and block?

OoglyBoogly1524d ago

Kingdom Come: Deliverance? Chivalry? Couple that come to mind...

KTF261524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

There is at least one more game allows you to do that
I don't remember it's name
But, if you count there are only few games specially AAA titles

and For Honor is 3rd person unlike Kingdom Come and Chivalry
you'll have much wider FoV