Crash Bandicoot Unreal 4 Fan Project Has Now ‘Gone Tomorrow’

The latest level is Crash 3’s “Gone Tomorrow”, a futuristic level reimagined in Unreal 4.

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DarkOcelet1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

This is amazing!

Its insane what one person can do. And here we have Activision that has the IP and cant do $hit with it.

ScorpiusX1534d ago

Or rather do nothing and wait for demand grow before the make a Crash game.

SweatyFlorida1534d ago

yes...make the demand grow...for 8 years and still going...

DirtyPete1534d ago

Wow this is really cool. What I would give to see something like this evolve past the title fan project x)

Relientk771534d ago

Sony please announce Crash Bandicoot at E3 for PS4

We all want it

FunkyGoron1534d ago

I want Bend to work on a new Crash game. Would be cool.

Keep it the "from behind" platformer/runner style and I don't care what else you do.

I miss the sound he made when he would spin and hit boxes. You all know what I mean, you hear it in your head right now!

Roccetarius1534d ago

Yeah, i would like to see one in the old style as well. Keep the levels like it was done previously, instead of messing it up with some open world idea.