Six Tips to Help You Survive the Darkest Dungeon

OnlySP: If you’re like me, you’ve gotten completely enthralled by the bleak, dismal world of the Darkest Dungeon. If you don’t know what Darkest Dungeon is, check out my review, but if you’re in a hurry: basically it’s a dungeon crawler that challenges you to build a stable of atypical adventurers – everything from the noble templar to the cursed abomination (my personal favorite) – to challenge a series of dungeons that range from the undead-infested ruins to the cursed wilds of the weald to the horrible, titular Darkest Dungeon in order to purge your ancestral home of the Lovecraftian evils that have cursed it. Your heroes will be challenged both physically and mentally by the trials of these dungeons and may rise above the challenges…or break under the strain and become more hindrance than help.

Still on board? Great.

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